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HP HP0-Y26 Exam -

Free HP0-Y26 Sample Questions:

1. You have verified that an HP ProCurve Switch 3500yl is correctly configured for PIM dense mode. The witch s IGMP table shows active hosts that are memebers of multicast group The muticast is in progress, and all hosts are reciving the content ,However, the muticast group does not appear in the witch s PIM route table.
What does this indicate about the muticast group?
A. The switch is forwarding the muticast at Layer2.
B. Other muticast routers are configured for PIM sparse.
C. The server and IGMP hosts are in different VLANs.
D. The switch is Querier for the group.
Answer: A

2. You have enable Dynamic ARP Protection on an HP ProCurve 5406zl switch.When is it necessary to define IP-to MAC address bindings?
A. when you must lock down the switch s IP addresses to its base MAC address
B. when you must specify clients connected to untrusted ports
C. when you must identify devices that do not use D HCP,but have a static IP address assigned.
D. when you must protect uplink ports that connect to other swithes that do not support Dynamic ARP Protection.
E. when you must provide sevurity to ports where different clients may connect at different times
Answer: C

3. You must use the web management interface of an HP MSM710 Controller to perform a manual upgrade of the controller s software. In the management interface . which location must be specified as the source for the software file?
A. TFTP server
B. your workstation
C. controller auxilary port
D. your FTP server
Answer: B

4. You must configure an HP ProCurve Switch 8212zl to be the Backup router for a VRID associated with VLAN 10. What must be true of the virtual IP address for the VRID on this router?
A. It must be an address assigned to a muti-netted interface
B. It must be an address that is not assigned to any interface on either router.
C. It must match the Backup router s address for the VLAN 10 interface.
D. It must match the Owner router s address for the VLAN 10 interface
Answer: D

5. You must configure an Hp ProCurve switch 8212zl to be the Owner of a VRID associated with VLAN 10.
What must e true of the virtual IP address for the VRID?
A. It must be an address on a muti-ntted interface
B. It must match the router s address for the VLAN 10 interface
C. It must match the address assigned to VLAN 10 on the Backup router.
D. It must use a classful network mask
Answer: B

6. On an HP ProCurve switch 8212zl, which feature must be enabled before you can enable VRRP?
A. IP routing
B. a dynamic routing protocol
D. IP muticast
Answer: A

7. A customer requires high levels of redundancy and availability for a critical business network that uses two HP ProCurve 8212zl switches in the core. What is a potential advantage of deploying the VRRP on thest switches?
A. It will enable the switches to learn redudant paths to remote networks
B. It will enable the switches to provide redundant default gateways to clicents.
C. It will enable the configuration of redundant gateways on VRRP-aware clients
D. It will enable the switches to provide redundant links to the distribution layer.
Answer: B

8. You must design an MSTP solution for a customer network that uses HP ProCurve 5412zl switches in the core and 3500yl switches at the edge. All switches will belong to single MST region. How can you determine how may MST instances will be required to ens ure that all links are in a forwarding state for at least one VLAN?
A. Determine how many switches have identical VLAN configurations
B. Count the nubmer of redundant paths between the core and one edge switch.
C. Count the switches at the network edge
D. Determine the total number of VLANs configured on the switches.
Answer: B

9. what is the effect of the following command , entered at the CLI of an Hp ProCurve Switches 5412zl?
5412zl(ospf)#redistribute rip
A. The router will assume the role of ASBR
B. The router will become eligible for election as DR
C. The router will assume the role of ABR
D. The router will summarize RIP routes in OSPF LSAs
Answer: A

10. Click the Exhibit button
(The exhibit is not available in this demo)
What is the role of the HP ProCurve Switch 3500yl in the OSPF routing domain?
A. ABR in areas 5 and 0
B. ASBR in areas 5 and 0
C. internal router in area 5
D. internal router in area 0
Answer: A

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