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HP HP0-Y23 Exam -

Free HP0-Y23 Sample Questions:

1. What can be used as a destination when backing up the configuration on an HP ProCurve 3500yl switch? (Select two.)
A.TFTP server
B.compact flash
C.neighboring switch
D.USB flash drive
E.FTP server
Answer: AD

2. You must configure an HP ProCurve 3500yl switch for installation in a network that uses RSTP to form a single-instance Spanning Tree. What must you do to ensure that the 3500yl will participate in this Spanning Tree?
A.Enter spanning-tree in the global configuration context.
B.Enter spanning-tree rstp in the configuration context for every VLAN the switch shares with another switch.
C.Enter spanning-tree protocol-version rstp in the Spanning Tree configuration context.
D.Enter spanning-tree autodetect in the configuration context of every port where the switch will hear Spanning Tree BPDUs.
Answer: A

3. Which options are available at the following prompt in the CLI of an HP ProCurve 3500yl switch? (Select three.)
A.enable IP routing
B.update switch software
C.disable ports
D.erase startup configuration
E.define management passwords
F.restart the switch
G.assign IP address to VLAN interface
Answer: BDF

4. Which privilege level is indicated by the following prompt at the CLI of an HP ProCurve switch?
B.interface configuration
Answer: A

5. You must configure an IP interface for VLAN 22 on an HP ProCurve switch. Besides the IP address, which parameter is required?
A.subnet mask
B.DNS server
C.default gateway
D.port members
Answer: A

6. Besides the CLI, which configuration interface enables an administrator to configure a user name for access to the Manager privilege level on an HP ProCurve switch? interface
B.web interface
C.setup interface
D.Management Interface Wizard
Answer: B

7. You must configure an IP interface on an HP ProCurve switch. Which CLI context will enable you to perform this task?
C.CLI passthrough
Answer: D

8. What is the effect of the following command issued at the CLI of an HP ProCurve 5406zl switch?
5406zl# configure terminal
A.The CLI moves to the global configuration conte xt.
B.The CLI provides an interface for configuring persistent terminal variables such as line length.
C.The CLI displays user input in the terminal.
D.The CLI displays current configuration parameters.
Answer: A

9. What is the effect of the following command entered at the CLI of an HP ProCurve switch with factory default settings?
ProCurveSwitch# exit
A.All switch ports are enabled.
B.The user is logged out of the CLI.
C.The privilege level moves from Manager to Operator.
D.The CLI displays an authentication prompt.
Answer: C

10. You must define a hostname on an HP ProCurve 5406zl switch. Which configuration context must you enter to perform this task?
A.interface configuration
Answer: B

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