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HP HP0-X02 Exam -

Free HP0-X02 Sample Questions:

1. For disaster recovery, many customers require that data be replicated to remote sites. What is an advantage in terms of backup operations?
A. There is no need to transport tapes between sites.
B. The production site only needs to perform a point-in-time copy.
C. Data corruption from the primary site cannot be replicated to the secondary site.
D. Backup jobs can be run at the secondary site on the replicated data to avoid overhead on the production server.
Answer: D

2. In addition to drivers and the backup application, which software component is crucial for bringing a multiserver solution together in an EBS?
A. open file software
B. client agent software
C. device sharing software
D. database agent software
Answer: C

3. Which advantages does a tape library offer over a standalone tape drive? (Select three.)
A. increased capacity
B. increased automation
C. decreased LAN utilization
D. increased device reliability
E. increased remote device management capabilities
Answer: A, B, E

4. How does the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Backup Solution provide increased stability, adaptability, performance, seamless and faster integration?
A. by using existing LAN topologies with network-attached storage devices (NAS)
B. through high-speed, single-server communication to tape devices using direct-attached SCSI
C. by exclusively using HP hardware and software components which were extensively tested and supported
D. through centralized backup of multiple servers, at local backup speeds, over a Fibre Channel storage network to tape libraries
Answer: D

5. A server attached to SAN Switch 16 is unable to discover a tape library. What is a possible cause?
A. The Fibre Channel SAN Switch has an incorrect IP configuration.
B. One of the SCSI connections on the MDR does not have a terminator.
C. The cfglibrary command was not typed at the AMC prompt of the MDR.
D. The type of SCSI module in the MDR (HVD/LVD) does not match the tape library SCSI interface.
Answer: D

6. Which tool can receive SNMP traps and events from a Command View server (or tape library) and can launch Command View from the context of a trap?
A. HP Storage Essentials
B. HP Library & Tape Tools
C. HP Systems Insight Manager
D. HP OpenView Storage Media Operations
Answer: C

7. What is the appropriate tool to gather further information when a robotics failure occurs?
A. Library Exerciser
B. Element Status Test
C. Library Troubleshooting Flowchart
D. Library POST (Power on self test)
Answer: A

8. When experiencing a problem with a storage product, why does HP recommend generating a support ticket with HP Library and Tape Tools (L&TT) rather than performing only a device analysis test?
A. The resulting data is presented in a more useful format.
B. The device analysis test does not report media problems.
C. L&TT connects to the HP support site to search for a solution.
D. HP Support is automatically informed about the problem symptoms.
Answer: A

9. Using the EBS troubleshooting flowcharts, what should you do first when a tape drive or library is not seen from the management tool of the Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridge?
A. Check the SCSI cable connections.
B. Verify the presence of the HBA in device manager.
C. Restore the router to the factory-default configuration.
D. Check if the Fibre Channel port speed is set correctly.
Answer: A

10. You are designing a LAN backup solution for a customer who wants to back up AVI video files. What should be considered to achieve maximum backup performance?
A. Disable push agents.
B. Turn off tape drive compression.
C. Turn on client agent compression.
D. Set the tape drive to small block sizes.
Answer: B

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