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HP HP0-X01 Exam -

Free HP0-X01 Sample Questions:

1. What is a base capability of HP Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition?
A. rule-based security
B. topology visualization
C. chargeback management
D. rule-based policies for end-to-end path management
Answer: B

2. What is a capability of Provisioning Manager?
A. host provisioning
B. LUN presentation
C. topology visualization
D. Business Copy support
Answer: B

3. Which statement about HP Storage Essentials Solution Service is correct?
A. The product warranty is extended with Level 3.
B. At least one level must be included in each quote.
C. HP Storage Essentials is customer installable and all levels are optional.
D. Software installation, configuration, and testing are included only in Level 1.
Answer: B

4. What is the function of the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S)?
A. to allow detection and management of storage elements by vendors, not by type
B. to provide unique data models for the different storage components in a network
C. to integrate host-based storage devices into a storage network management tool
D. to provide a single, object-oriented model for each type of component in a storage network
Answer: D

5. What is the difference between the HP Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition and the Standard Edition?
A. the database used
B. the support for quantity and variety of storage, switches, hosts, and applications
C. a different architecture, enabling support of homogeneous versus heterogeneous environments
D. Enterprise Edition is a plug-in to HP Operations Manager and Standard Edition is a plug-in to SIM.
Answer: B

6. On which standard and specification is the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) based?
A. Fibre Channel standard
B. Common Information Model (CIM)
C. Mass Storage Control Protocol (MSCP)
D. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Answer: B

7. Which HP storage array systems are supported by HP Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition? (Select three.)
A. HP StorageWorks FC20 Array
B. HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array
C. HP StorageWorks RAID Array 7000
D. HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array
E. HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array
F. HP StorageWorks Enterprise Smart Array
Answer: B, D, E

8. Which HP Storage Essentials functionality is provided as a base component only in the Enterprise Edition?
A. Reporter
B. Business Tools
C. Application Viewer
D. Performance Manager
Answer: B

9. In a Cisco switch environment where a TE port belongs to multiple VSANs, which elements are displayed for this port by the management server?
A. only the primary VSAN to which the TE port is connected
B. all VSANs and switches to which the TE port is connected
C. primary VSANs and any secondary VSANs for the TE port
D. all switches in the VSAN with virtual connections to the TE port
Answer: A

10. In which database mode can you export the database? (Select two.)
A. Save
B. Export
C. Archive
D. Backup
E. No-archive
Answer: C, E

11. When creating policies for events, why is it better to view the severity level of an element by the description rather than by the severity level itself?
A. Some severity levels do not reflect the seriousness of the event.
B. Only critical events are displayed and have policies set against them.
C. All severity levels are set by HP in HP Storage Essentials and are only guidelines.
D. Severity levels are set by the manufacturer and may vary from element to element.
Answer: D

12. Using Chargeback Manager, which two options are used for managing the cost of storage services? (Select two.)
A. SAN-based chargeback
B. NAS-based chargeback
C. Host-based chargeback
D. Asset-based chargeback
E. Storage-based chargeback
F. Performance-based chargeback
Answer: D, E

13. What are components of the Business Tools in HP Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition?
A. filters and collectors
B. automators and advisors
C. editors and report generators
D. application and performance viewers
Answer: B

14. How would you change the passwords of the SYS, SYSTEM, RMAN_USER, SIM_MANAGER, and DB_SYSTEM_USER accounts?
A. Use the Database Admin Utility.
B. Edit the User_admin_pwrd file.
C. Use the Oracle Configuration Tool.
D. Reset the default password option.
Answer: A

15. What is needed to enable the additional functionalities of HP Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition plug-ins?
A. Install the plug-in and import a license file.
B. Install the plug-in; no additional license is required.
C. Import a license file; no additional software installation is required.
D. In the Enterprise Edition, no extra licenses are required for plug-ins.
Answer: C

16. A customer environment consists of 1 x EVA8000 (8 ports total), 4 x 16-port Brocade switches, 10 HP-UX and 10 Microsoft Windows servers, both with two Fibre Channel connections each. What is the total number of MAPs reported by the software?
A. 48
B. 64
C. 92
D. 112
Answer: D

17. In Event Manager, which information column must be enabled to display business cost implication of an element?
A. Rank
B. Severity
C. Provisioning
D. Summary Text
Answer: A

18. What is a Business Tool Advisor in HP Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition?
A. Storage Optimizer
B. HBA Risk Analysis
C. Backup performance
D. Brocade firmware update
Answer: B

19. Which HP Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition feature includes direct attached storage?
A. display of ports in Performance Monitor
B. display of connections in System Manager
C. schedule of port performance data collection
D. display of reachable ports in Path Provisioning
Answer: B

20. What must you do before running the Switch Risk Analysis business tool?
A. Specify the data format and where the output should be sent.
B. Disable the switches and log out of the management port of the switch.
C. Edit the switch_risk_analysis.conf file to define the list of switches to be tested.
D. Edit the switch_risk_analysis.conf file to define a profile for each type of switch.
Answer: D

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