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HP HP0-W03 Exam -

Free HP0-W03 Sample Questions:

1. Which task must be performed prior to starting a merging process between two switches? (Select two.)
A. Remove duplicated domain IDs.
B. Set port speed of ISL ports to a fixed value.
C. Disable zoning configuration on both switches.
D. Enable the same passwords on both switches.
E. Check to see if the same feature licenses are installed.
Answer: A, E

2. Which zoning type must be used in a heterogeneous fabric with M-Series and B-Series switches?
A. VSAN zoning
B. name server zoning
C. fabric address zoning
D. domain-port-area zoning
Answer: B

3. Where do you install the HP Cluster Extension (CLX)?
A. on the switch as a license
B. on all servers in the cluster
C. on one cluster server at each site
D. on the same server as Command View
Answer: B

4. A customer has asked you to implement VSANs in a C-Series fibre channel switch fabric. What is a unique feature of VSANs?
A. It allows you to apply different fabric settings in one switch.
B. It allows you to connect different vendor switches to one infrastructure.
C. It allows you to configure more than one management IP address per switch.
D. It allows you to minimize oversubscription on connected ISLs through path load balancing.
Answer: A

5. Which fabric migration path is shown in the exhibit?
A. meshed to tree
B. cascaded to tree
C. cascaded to meshed
D. meshed to cascaded
Answer: B

6. You are implementing an extended SAN infrastructure between two data centers which are 9km apart. HP StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 is used in this environment. Which ports could be used to connect the ISL between this data centers?
A. All ports support links for this distance by default.
B. You must enable the extended ISL ports individually.
C. The first four ports can connect a long-distance ISL.
D. Long-distance ISL ports must be unlocked by a license.
Answer: C

7. What are typical consequences of insufficient knowledge transfer to the customer for their SAN environment? (Select two.)
A. unused bandwidth
B. wasted disk space
C. management errors
D. event misinterpretation
E. unnecessary FC data traffic
Answer: C, D

8. During the SAN architecture process, the SAN architect must explain to the stakeholders how the new infrastructure will be realized. Which information should this explanation contain?
A. options that can be installed at a later time
B. current SAN components that will be utilized
C. details about storage and SAN management
D. overview of HP multivendor support services
Answer: B

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