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HP HP0-S34 Exam -

Free HP0-S34 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A customer needs the maximum number of internal disks in an HP Proliant Gen8 server.
Which server choose ?
A. DL 360 Gen8
B. DL 380 Gen8
C. DL 180 Gen8
D. ML 350 Gen8
Answer: B

Q: 2
Which operating system installation methods are aviable in intelligent Provisionning ? (Choose Three)
A. Assited
B. Manual
C. Customized
D. Recommanded
E. Interactive
Answer: BCD

Q: 3
What can you use to collect Active Health System log data for maintenance? (Choose Three)
B. Intelligent Provisioning
C. Active Health System viewer
D. Integrated Lights Out
E. Active Health System log Analyzer
F. Integrated Management Log
Answer: BDF

Q: 4
A customer has two logical drives (logical drive 1 and logical drive 2) configured on a smart array controller. The customer wants optimize logical drive 2 for database information.
Which option should you propose ?
A. Configure the surface scan delay to 3
B. Configure the monitor and performance delay to 1
C. Disable array accelerator for 1 to reserve the total use of the array accelerator cache for 2
D. Increase the rebuilt priority to high for 1 and to low for 2
Answer: C

Q: 5
Which source describes the standardized troubleshooting procedures for HP Proliant severs?
A. HP Website Troubleshooting procedures
B. HP Proliant Servers Troubleshooting guide
C. HP Proliant Users guide
D. HP Product bulletin
Answer: B

Q: 6
An administrator installed a new DDR3 memory in a server and discovered that the server contained quad-rank, dual-rank and single rank memory modules.
What should you recommend ?
A. Replace all memory modules so that they are the same load.
B. Populate similar-load memory modules within the same memory channel.
C. Populate the memory modules from the heaviest load to the lightest load within a channel.
D. Populate similar-load memory modules within the same memory controller.
Answer: B

Q: 7
What is the maximum number of 02700 enclosures that can be cascaded in a dual domain configuration?(Choose Two)
A. Two enclosures can be cascaded when using a P411 controller.
B. Four enclosures can be cascaded when using a P411 controller.
C. Four enclosures can be cascaded when using a P812 controller.
0. Six enclosures can be cascaded when using a P812 controller.
E. Eight enclosures can be cascaded when using a P812 controller.
Answer: BC

Q: 8
What are Gens ROM function features? (Choose Two)
A. Active Health System Log Support
B. HP Insight Diagnostics online
C. Advanced Data Mining
D. HP Option ROM Configuration for Arrays
E. HP Advanced Error Detection Technology
Answer: AE

Q: 9
When using HP SIM 7.0, which information can be collected from an HP Proliant Gen8 server without running the HP Agentless Management Service? (Choose Three)
A. memory
B. storage
C. processor
D. network
E. cooling
F. drivers
Answer: ABC

Q: 10
Which statement is correct concerning agentless management in HP System Insight Manager version 7.0 end higher ?
A. G7 and Gen8 systems non longer need agents installed
B. All managed systems no longer need agents installed
C. Only Gen8 systems no longer need agents installed
D. Gen8 systems must use WBEM providers for management
Answer: C

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