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HP HP0-S26 Exam -

Free HP0-S26 Sample Questions:

1. Which Linux tool provides information on memory utilization, processor utilization and process statistics?

2. What must be installed for HP SIM to discover, communicate with, and manage a newly deployed HP ProLiant server?
A.Version Control Respoitory Manager (VCRM)
B.Version Control Agent (VCA)
C.ProLiant Support Pack (PSP)
D.Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU)

3. Which protocols does HP SIM use to capture detailed information about devices on the network? (Select three.)
Answer:B C E

4. Which tool does HP provide to verify a ProLiant server has met the pre -requisites for installing the HP Insight Control suite (ICE)?
A.SIM Prep
B.HP SIM config analysis tool
C.HP Enterprise Configurator for HP SIM
D.HP Insight Control Advisor

5. You have a server running HP Insight Rapid Deployment software (RDP) 3.83. What must be installed to use the Deployment Server Web Console?
A.WMI mapper
C.VBscript v4 running on the DHCP server
D.Java VM v4

6. How much power savings does DDR3 memory offer over that of DDR2?

7. When a database was migrated from a DL585 G5 Server to a DL785 G5 Server, the performance of writing to the database slowed. The DL585 G5 has four quad -core 8300 processors and the DL785 G5 has eight quad-core 8300 processors. Both servers are running on 256GB memory, Smart Array P400 Controller and eight SAS hard drives. What is the most likely reason for this performance degradation?
A.The database application cannot scale beyond four processors.
B.The database application needs to change its stripe size in the array.
C.The DL585 G5 Servers used faster hard drives.
D.The DL785 G5 does not have a battery backed write cache on its Smart Array P400 Controller.

8. You need to update 90 ProLiant servers running Windows 2003 x86 with ProLiant Support Pack 8.30. You will use HP Insight Rapid Deployment software (RDP) for the update. Which three actions should you take? (Select three.)
A.Copy the file "psp-8.30.w2k3.i386.exe" to the folder "\\RDP-SRV\express\lib\software\ProLiant Support Pack Z.ZZ for Windows 2003".
B.Run the file "psp-8.30.w2k3.i386.exe" and unpack the files to the folder "\\RDP-SRV\express\lib\software\ProLiant Support Pack Z.ZZ for Windows 2003".
C.Start Setup.exe from the folder "\\RDP-SRV\express\lib\software\ProLiant Support Pack Z.ZZ for Windows 2003" and configure all necessary components.
D.Start psp-8.30.w2k3.i386.exe from the folder "\\RDP-SRV\express\lib\software\ProLiant Support Pack Z.ZZ for Windows 2003" and configure all necessary components.
E.Drag and drop the "Install Windows 2003 ProLiant Support Pack (latest)" job on the group or groups containing the 90 ProLiant servers.
Answer:B C E

9. In HP Insight Rapid Deployment software (RDP) 3.80, you capture an image of a Windows 2003 SP1 Server with a 146GB primary partition that is 20% used and want to deploy it to a server with a 72GB primary partition. How should you shrink the partition of the image to fit the target system?
A.It is not possible. An image of a server with a 72GB partition is needed.
B.No action is needed. RDP automatically detects the change and configures itself accordingly.
C.You shrink the partition of the source server in Windows and recapture the image.
D.You reduce the size of the partition with the tools supplied in RDP.

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