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HP HP0-S25 Exam -

Free HP0-S25 Sample Questions:

1. Which tool can be used to verify connection to a recently configured integrated XenServer?
A.VMware vCenter
B.Insight Xen manager
C.Citrix XenCenter
D.ProLiant Xen Onboard Administrator
Answer: C

2. When should you consider upgrading to faster processors?
A.when processor utilization remains less than 30%
B.when the processor executes each task serially until it is accomplished
C.when the server is over six years old
D.when memory slots are fully populated
Answer: B

3. How many simultaneous threads can a single socket quad core ProLiant server with hyperthreading enabled execute?
A.2 threads
B.4 threads
C.8 threads
D.16 threads
Answer: C

4. What are features of registered DIMM (RDIMM) memory modules? (Select two.)
A.lower cost per GB than unbuffered DIMM (UDIMM) memory modules
B.higher speed than static RAM
C.memory mirroring and Lockstep mode support
D.address parity
Answer: CD

5. Which advantages does the PCIe expansion card interface architecture offer that PCI-X does not? (Select two.)
A.point-to-point serial links
B.increased bandwidth up to 200MB/s
C.plug & play technology
D.increased bandwidth through data transmission across multiple lanes
E.full backwards compatibility with PCI Standard
Answer: AD

6. You have six drives in a hardware based RAID. Which RAID level is ideally suited for read intensive operations that also require fault tolerance?
Answer: D

7. Which server virtualization technology allows the guest operating system to be aware that it is running in a virtual machine instance, simplifying the work of the hypervisor?
A.AMD Virtualization (AMD-V)
C.Intel VT-x processor virtualization
D.Full Virtualization
Answer: B

8. Which HP utilities can be used to deploy a new OS installation on an HP ProLiant ML150 G6? (Select two.)
A.HP ProLiant SmartStart CD
B.HP Insight Server Migration Software for ProLiant
C.HP Insight Rapid Deployment software (RDP)
D.HP ProLiant Easy Set-Up CD
E.HP SmartSetup CD
Answer: CD

9. On a SAS hot-plug drive, what is indicated by a blinking amber LED?
A.Drive is currently performing I/O.
B.Drive is rebuilding or expanding.
C.Drive has failed.
D.Drive is in predictive failure.
Answer: D

10. What is the maximum number of racks that can be cooled by a single HP Modular Cooling System G2?
A.2 racks
B.3 racks
C.4 racks
D.10 racks
Answer: A

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