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HP HP0-S24 Exam -

Free HP0-S24 Sample Questions:

1. What is the recommended tool for configuring iLO 2 settings on new servers?
A. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)
B. ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)
C. SmartStart
D. SmartStart Scripting Toolkit (SSST)
Answer: B

2. Which features are included with the HP Modular Cooling System? (Select three.)
A. hot-swappable components
B. height range from 14 to 47U
C. support for very high density hardware
D. perforated front and back doors
E. support for up to 35kW per rack
F. loading capacity up to 1500 pounds (680 kg)
Answer: ACE

3. In dual-core processor technologies, which components are duplicated within the single physical processor chip?
A. execution core and processor cache
B. processor cache and cache controller
C. execution core, processor cache, and cache controller
D. execution core, processor cache, cache controller, and bus interface
Answer: D

4. Which type of memory protects against multiple, non-correctable multi-bit errors with no performance degradation?
A. ECC memory
B. Online spare memory
C. Advanced ECC memory
D. Single-board mirrored memory
Answer: D

5. What are the benefits of using HP Insight Rapid Deployment software? (Select two.)
A. It automates server operating system deployments.
B. It provides out-of-the-box support for deployment of VMware ESX hosts.
C. It can be installed on systems running Microsoft Windows, Linux, or HP-UX.
D. It can suspend or resume monitoring of multiple systems at the same time.
E. It is part of HP SmartStart and is included in every ProLiant server package.
Answer: AB

6. Which statements are true about the HP SmartStart Scripting Toolkit? (Select two.)
A. It provides an assisted and manual installation process.
B. It is delivered through a web download.
C. It supports all HP ProLiant DL, ML, and BL servers and selected legacy server models.
D. It is part of the HP Insight Suite for ProLiant Management CD pack.
E. It uses a graphical user interface that enables novice user setup.
Answer: BC

7. What is a benefit of the HP Insight Control Environment for BladeSystem?
A. Licenses bundled with c-Class enclosures can be applied to ProLiant ML/DL/BL.
B. It provides unified virtual and physical server management.
C. It can be fully integrated with the HP Insight Rapid Deployment software.
D. It is a free plug-in for HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM).
Answer: B

8. Which HP tool can balance resources to provide optimal performance and service levels by migrating workloads from physical to virtual infrastructures, from virtual to physical, from third-party x86 servers to ProLiant servers, or from one Hypervisor type to another?
A. Insight Dynamics - VSE
B. Insight Control Environment
C. Insight Control Linux Edition
D. Insight Control Environment for BladeSystem
Answer: A

9. Which HP Insight Control Environment (HP ICE) components are supported on ProLiant c-Class server blades but not on Integrity c-Class server blades? (Select three.)
A. HP Insight Rapid Deployment software (RDP)
B. HP Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack (VPM)
C. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)
D. HP Insight Power Manager (IPM)
E. HP Insight Performance Manager
F. HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager
Answer: BDE

10. What can be imported into the HP System Management Homepage to increase security?
A. local server certificate
B. encrypted password file
C. Secure Shell (SSH) public key
D. 128-bit RC4 encryption license
Answer: A

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