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HP HP0-S21 Exam -

Free HP0-S21 Sample Questions:

1. What do you need to consider when installing mezzanine cards in an HP ProLiant BL685c G6 Server Blade? (Select two.)
A. Type 2 mezzanine cards can be installed in slots 2 and/or 3 if they match the interconnect module type.
B. Type 2 mezzanine cards can be installed in any slot if they match the interconnect module type.
C. Type 2 mezzanine cards need to be installed in slot 1 and match the interconnect module type.
D. Type 1 mezzanine cards can be installed in any slot if they match the interconnect module type.
Answer: AD

2. You are troubleshooting a performance issue on a BL460c Server Blade with a Linux operating system installed. Which command should you use to get comprehensive memory information?
A. iostat
B. glance
C. free
D. memdiag
Answer: C

3. Which HP Insight Control Suite software provides centralized capture, monitor, report, and control of HP BladeSystem power consumption and thermal output?
A. HP ProLiant Insight Power Regulator
B. HP ProLiant Onboard Administrator
C. HP Insight Power Manager
D. HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition
Answer: C

4. Which industry standard management protocols are used by HP SIM? (Select two.)
Answer: BC

5.Which industry standard memory technologies can be used by Intel Xeon-based c-Class server blades to provide additional protection against failed or degrading FB-DIMMs? (Select two.)
A. chip spare
B. mirrored memory
C. parity memory
D. online spare memory
Answer: BD

6. Microsoft Cluster Server is an example of which type of clustering architecture?
A. shared-memory
B. High-Performance Computing
C. shared-everything
D. shared-nothing
Answer: D

7. Which memory slots must be populated first in a ProLiant BL490c G6?
A. blue
B. white
C. black
D. brown
Answer: B

8. Which feature is used in conjunction with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)?
A. OpenSSH
C. BitLocker
Answer: C

9. Which logical extension of the HP Insight Dynamics - VSE Suite provides failure protection for logical servers?
A. Insight Orchestration
B. Insight Rapid Deployment
C. Insight Systems Manager
D. Insight Recovery Software
Answer: D

10.What is the maximum number of Cisco 3120 Switches that can be combined into a single logical stack?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 9
E. 12
Answer: D

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