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HP HP0-S20 Exam -

Free HP0-S20 Sample Questions:

1. Which bays must be used when installing three power supplies in a c7000 to support power redundancy mode?
A. Bays 1, 2, 4
B. Bays 1, 2, 5
C. Bays 1, 3, 4
D. Bays 2, 3, 5
Answer: A

2. Which tasks are part of the Evaluate Data step of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology? (Select three.)
A. analyze the mode of failure
B. gather messages from iLO logs
C. apply one change or one solution at a time
D. isolate faults to a hardware or software system
E. determine which components could cause the problem
F. check environmental conditions
Answer: ADE

3. Which features are included with the HP Modular Cooling System G2? (Select two.)
A. non-uniform airflow
B. fixed temperature set point
C. hot-swappable components
D. water leak detector
Answer: CD

4. Which statements are true about the AMD Opteron server memory architecture? (Select two.)
A. AMD Opteron uses HyperTransport for Direct Memory Access (DMA) transfers.
B. Each processor has its own memory.
C. A shared memory bus interconnects the CPUs with memory.
D. AMD Opteron uses 8-way interleaved memory in conjunction with proMem technology.
Answer: AB

5. Which options can be enabled in the HP Network Configuration Utility? (Select two.)
A. fault tolerance
B. NIC-assisted load balancing
C. switch-assisted load balancing
D. DHCP server support
Answer: AC

6. Which benefits are server blades designed to provide? (Select two.)
A. ultra-density
B. highest internal expansion capability
C. power-efficiency
D. highest drive density
Answer: AC

7. Which ProLiant G6-series technology increases the speed at which data can be communicated between the processor and the memory DIMMs?
A. AMD Direct Connect Architecture
B. Intel Turbo Burst Technology
C. Intel QuickPath Technology
D. Intel Hyper-Threading Technology
Answer: C

8. Which server blades are optimized for HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions? (Select two.)
A. BL2X0c
B. BL46Xc
C. BL49Xc
D. BL68Xc
F. BL2x220c
Answer: AF

9. Which features does the HP iLO Advanced for BladeSystem license include? (Select two.)
A. global team collaboration
B. server migration pack
C. enhanced networking
D. headless server deployment
E. integration with LDAP services
Answer: AE

10. What can you do from the Insight Display on a c-Class BladeSystem enclosure?
A. Access the Health Summary of the enclosure.
B. Change IP addresses of iLO 2 on individual blades.
C. Power individual blades on or off.
D. Power the enclosure on or off.
Answer: A

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