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HP HP0-S17 Exam -

Free HP0-S17 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 You are designing a customer system that must comply with financial department regulations that require a tape backup of data be performed every 24 hours. The server blade specified in the design is a BL685c. You will use an Ultrium 448c Tape Storage Blade to satisfy the requirement of the tape backup solution. What are the requirements for this solution to be valid in a c7000 BladeSystem enclosure? (Select two.)
A. HP Data Protector 6.0 must be installed on the partner server blade.
B. The Microsoft iSCSI initiator must be installed on the partner server blade.
C. The Ultrium 448c Tape Blade must be installed in the top bay adjacent to the server.
D. The Ultrium 448c Tape Blade must be installed in the lower bay adjacent to the server.
E. An HP PCI Express Mezzanine Pass-Thru Card must be installed in the mezzanine 3 slot.
Answer: D, E

Q: 2 Which management suite delivers core management functionality for the HP BladeSystem solution, including server deployment, health monitoring, performance monitoring, vulnerability scanning and patch management?
A. HP Storage Essentials
B. HP Operations Software
C. Insight Control Environment
D. HP Systems Insight Manager
Answer: C

Q: 3 Which ProLiant Essentials Value Pack is an integrated power monitoring and management application that provides centralized monitoring and control of datacenter power consumption and thermal output?
A. Insight Power Manager
B. HP Rack and Power Manager
C. Performance Management Pack
D. Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack
Answer: A

Q: 4 Your customer wants to replace an existing c3000 Enclosure with a c7000 Enclosure. Which components from the c3000 Enclosure can be reused in the c7000 Enclosure? (Select three.)
A. fans
B. power supplies
C. interconnect modules
D. server and storage blades
E. Onboard Administrator module
Answer: A, C, D

Q: 5 Which additional features are enabled when an iLO 2 Select Pack license is applied to an iLO 2 card on a server blade? (Select three.)
A. virtual power
B. scripted Virtual Media
C. shared remote console
D. integrated remote console
E. Power Regulator for ProLiant
F. high-performance, virtual KVM console
Answer: B, C, E

Q: 6 For enterprise deployment and management, customers can configure the HP Onboard Administrator to accept secured, single sign-on (SSO) from HP Systems Insight Manager.
What is used for this process?
A. SSL 128-bit key
B. WBEM providers
C. trusted certificate
D. SNMP community strings
Answer: C

Q: 7 Which command lists, creates, removes and executes HP SIM tasks from the command line interface?
A. mxtask
B. simtask
C. simmgnt
D. axsched
Answer: A

Q: 8 You want to discover and visualize the SAN topology and gather information about the connected hosts. Which application is appropriate?
A. SAN Loader tool
B. HP Command View
C. HP Storage Essentials
D. HP Data Protector Express
Answer: C

Q: 9 Which Rapid Deployment Pack component consists of software optimizations for HP servers, including the HP scripting toolkits and support packs?
A. PXE Server
B. Integrity Integration Module
C. Altiris Deployment Solution
D. Microsoft Windows Automation Toolkit
Answer: B

Q: 10 An administrator is configuring a new task for automatic event handling.
Which actions can be taken when events are received? (Select two.)
A. forward the event
B. change the event format
C. run a custom command
D. launch an external event handler
E. map the appropriate logs to events
Answer: A, C

Q: 11 Which plug-in enhances HP SIM event monitoring capabilities by sending automatic hardware event notification securely to HP; including entitlement, acknowledgement, and status returns?
A. Performance Management Pack
B. Service Essentials Remote Support Pack
C. Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack
D. Extensions for HP SIM on Microsoft Windows
Answer: B

Q: 12 Which methods does HP Dynamic Smart Cooling use to reduce data center power and cooling requirements? (Select three.)
A. sensors to govern air flow
B. sensors to govern temperature
C. dynamically adjusts air flow and temperature to meet cooling requirements
D. hybrid model that combines local and centralized cooling in a single system
E. policy-based power management to control processor core frequency and voltage based on application demand
F. adaptive management of cooling sensors within the BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure to meet cooling requirements
Answer: A, B, C

Q: 13 You are working at the customer site and need to connect to the Onboard Administrator (OA) on their c-Class enclosure, but the customer does not allow you to connect to their network. How can you access the OA in this situation?
A. Connect your laptop to the uplink port on the enclosure.
B. Use iLO 2 on any of the blades to get access to the OA.
C. Disconnect the customer's Ethernet cable from the OA and connect your laptop to it.
D. Connect your laptop to any open port on the GbE2c switch connected to the enclosure.
Answer: A

Q: 14 Which standard ProLiant Essentials packages are automatically installed by the Insight Control Environment for HP BladeSystem? (Select three.)
A. Rapid Deployment Pack
B. HP Systems Insight Manager
C. iLO 2 Power Management Pack
D. Virtual Connect Enterprise Edition
E. Virtual Machine Management Pack
F. Server Migration Pack Universal Edition
Answer: A, B, E

Q: 15 Your customer has two servers with VMware installed. On each VMware server they have 12 virtual machines. They want to manage all virtual machines from HP SIM. How many Virtual Machine Management Pack licenses are required to manage all virtual machines on both VMware hosts?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 12
D. 24
Answer: A

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