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HP HP0-S15 Exam -

Free HP0-S15 Sample Questions:

1. In dual-core processor technologies, which components are duplicated within the single physical processor chip?
A. execution core and processor cache
B. processor cache and cache controller
C. execution core, processor cache, and cache controller
D. execution core, processor cache, cache controller, and bus interface
Answer: D

2. What is the preferred tool to use for automated, high-volume deployments of ProLiant servers in heterogeneous environments running primarily Windows and Linux operating systems?
A. SmartStart
B. Rapid Deployment Pack
C. SmartStart Scripting Toolkit
D. Remote Installation Services
Answer: B

3. In terms of implementation and maintenance costs, what is the most significant benefit of the HP BladeSystem p-Class over rack-mounted servers such as the ProLiant DL-series servers?
A. data center space savings
B. cabling and connectivity savings
C. data center management savings
D. installation, provisioning, and repurposing savings
Answer: C

4. Which HP SAN design is recommended for anyone just starting with SAN technology?
A. HP standard design
B. variation of an HP standard design
C. flexible design using HP standard design
D. custom design using HP StorageWorks SAN design rules
Answer: A

5. Which server blade is ideal for applications requiring high-density, maximum CPU count, low-latency access to system memory, such as those found in the High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) environments?
A. Integrity BL60p
B. ProLiant BL35p
C. ProLiant BL45p
D. ProLiant BL25p
E. ProLiant BL20p G4
Answer: B

6. What is an advantage of a Shared storage blade?
A. It provides software-based RAID.
B. It is optimized for critical data storage.
C. It uses a single GUI for storage management and provisioning.
D. It adds up to six hot-plug SAS or SATA drives for the adjacent blades.
Answer: C

7. What is the correct tool to use for automated, high-volume deployments of ProLiant servers in a pure Linux environment?
A. SmartStart
B. Control Tower
C. Rapid Deployment Pack
D. SmartStart Scripting Toolkit
Answer: B

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