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HP HP0-S13 Exam -

Free HP0-S13 Sample Questions:

1. You are configuring the MSA1000 storage solution to boot from a SAN. Although there are several physical drives reported in the ACU graphical user interface, the Selective Storage Presentation (SSP) link is missing. Why?
A. The ACU has detected multiple paths from the host.
B. The MSA1000 does not have any logical drives defined.
C. An incorrect MSA1000 device driver is loaded in the host server.
D. The host server is not running the HP Insight Agents, or these agents are outdated.
Answer: B

2. Which functions does the Onboard Administrator perform in the BladeSystem c-Class? (Select two.)
A. It manages connections to the interconnect modules.
B. It activates Remote Deployment Pack (RDP) when an in-service server fails.
C. It automates the process of deploying server operating systems and software.
D. It drives all management features through the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) and Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (ICMB) interfaces.
Answer: A, D

3. Which statements are true regarding the HP StorageWorks Ultrium 448c Tape Blade? (Select three.)
A. The tape blade provides direct-attach data protection for the adjacent server blade.
B. The tape blade provides network backup protection for all data within the enclosure.
C. The tape blade installs in a full-height device bay of either the c3000 or c7000 enclosure.
D. The tape blade installs in a half-height device bay of either the c3000 or c7000 enclosure.
E. The tape blade and the SB40c storage blade can both partner with the same full-height server blade.
F. The tape blade can partner with any of the HP BladeSystem c-Class ProLiant or Integrity server blades.
Answer: A, B, D

4. Which role-based Virtual Connect Manager access enables you to create, edit, and delete Virtual Connect profiles?
A. Server
B. Admin
C. Storage
D. Domain
E. Networking
Answer: A

5. How will the HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures indicate if a server blade is not installed in the correct device bay?
A. The HP BladeSystem Insight Display will flash blue.
B. The interconnect will display errors when you configure it.
C. The Onboard Administrator will not allow the enclosure to power on.
D. The Onboard Administrator will not allow the interconnects to power on.
E. The Onboard Administrator will not allow the incorrectly placed server blade to power on.
Answer: E

6. Ten fans are installed in a fully populated c7000 enclosure and are configured as AC Redundant. All server blades are powered on. What happens if one fan fails? (Select three.)
A. The fan subsystem health status remains OK.
B. The health LED of the failed fan illuminates red.
C. The health LED of the failed fan illuminates solid amber.
D. The fan subsystem health status changes to FAILED.
E. The fan subsystem health status changes to DEGRADED.
F. The Onboard Administrator increases the fan RPM to maximum.
G. The Onboard Administrator begins to shut down the least active server blades.
Answer: C, E, F

7. To utilize all four Ethernet ports on the NC325m PCIe Quad-Port 1Gb Server Adapter, which mezzanine position must you avoid?
A. mezzanine position 1 in full-height server blades
B. mezzanine position 2 in full-height server blades
C. mezzanine position 3 in full-height server blades
D. mezzanine position 1 in half-height server blades
E. mezzanine position 2 in half-height server blades
Answer: D

8. Which statements are true regarding the BladeSystem? (Select two.)
A. BladeSystem c-Class and p-Class server blades will not ship until 2009.
B. The c-Class interconnects are compatible with the p-Class interconnects at a management interface level.
C. c-Class server blades can be installed in a p-Class enclosure with an enclosure upgrade kit.
D. p-Class and c-Class server blades are compatible with industry-standard Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM).
E. The Onboard Administrator can manage both p-Class and c-Class enclosures.
Answer: B, D

9. Which types of drives are supported by the HP BladeSystem c-Class storage blades? (Select two.)
B. Serial ATA (SATA)
C. Parallel ATA (PATA)
D. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
E. Fibre Attached Technology Adapted (FATA)
Answer: B, D

10. Which statements are true when using the HP StorageWorks SB40c storage blade for c-Class? (Select three.)
A. Each SB40c storage blade can partner with only one server blade.
B. A c7000 enclosure can have a maximum of eight SB40c storage blades.
C. The SB40c storage blade supports Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives only.
D. A full-height storage blade can connect to a maximum of two SB40c storage blades.
E. Each SB40c storage blade requires an HP PCI Express Mezzanine Pass-Thru card to be installed in mezzanine slot 3 of the full-height storage blade.
F. If connecting both the SB40c storage blade and the Ultrium 448c tape blade to the same full-height server blade, the SB40c storage blade must be installed in the top bay.
Answer: A, B, E

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