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HP HP0-S12 Exam -

Free HP0-S12 Sample Questions:

1. PCI Express x16 slots can accept which types of PCI-e cards? (Select two.)
A. x2
B. x4
C. x6
D. x16
E. x32
Answer: B, D

2. From which HP resource can you access a set of tools, e-Services and solution sizers to help plan and implement a suitable server solution for a customer?
A. HP Support Center
B. ActiveAnswers website
C. Solutions Programs Portal website
D. Channel Services Network website
E. Support and Troubleshooting website
Answer: B

3. How many external SAN connections are usable per switch in an MSA1000 solution with an integrated SAN Switch 2/8?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8
Answer: C

4. Which trust modes are possible on the HP System Management Homepage configuration of the HP ProLiant Support Pack for Windows? (Select two.)
A. name
B. certificate
C. IP address
D. trusted host list
E. SNMP community
Answer: A, B

5. Which HP resource contains video clips of removal and replacement procedures?
A. HP Part Surfer
B. HP Product Bulletin
C. HP Services Media Library
D. HP Parts Reference Guide
Answer: C

6. Which tool enables or configures Advanced Memory Configuration?
B. ROM-Based Setup Utility
C. Array Configuration Utility
D. Option ROM Configuration for Arrays
Answer: B

7. What are advantages of dual-core processors over single-core processors? (Select two.) A. supports HyperThreading technology
B. features shared 2MB L2 cache for each core
C. runs four threads on each execution core
D. delivers higher performance for multithreading applications
E. improves performance while maintaining a similar power budget
Answer: D, E

8. Which script is sent securely by CPQLOCFG to iLO over the network?
B. RIBdos.vbs
Answer: A

9. SMASH CLP is accessible through which means? (Select two.)
A. telnet
C. DB10
D. virtual serial port
Answer: A, D

10. Which type of memory protection calculates a 72-bit syndrome for every 64 bits of data?
A. Automatic Parity Checking (APC)
B. Error Checking and Correcting (ECC)
C. Error Detecting and Correction (EDC)
D. Battery Backed Write Cache (BBWC)
Answer: B

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