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HP HP0-P18 Exam -

Free HP0-P18 Sample Questions:

1. A CD ROM with an EFI readable file system is available to the system. From the "EFI Shell>" prompt, which command do you use to access the drive?
A. fs0:
B. :dr0
C. :blk0
D. cdrom0:
Answer: A

2. Which single media allows you to restore the Windows Server 2003 operating system files on the internal disk of an HP Integrity Blade?
A. HP SmartStart media
B. HP Smart Setup media
C. HP Reinstallation media
D. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 RTM media
Answer: C

3. Which Insight Control Environment components need to be installed to integrate HP-UX Workload Manager?
A. Integrity Integration Module
B. Extensions for HP SIM
C. Integrated HP BladeSystem Console
D. HP-UX Support Pack
Answer: B

4. Which of the following features are included in the Advanced iLO 2 MP license on Integrity Blades? (Select three.)
A. iLO 2 virtual floppy
B. iLO 2 virtual USB key
C. remote console software
D. Integrated Remote Console (IRC)
E. iLO 2 MP firmware FTP server
F. iLO 2 MP configuration backup and restore
Answer: A, B, D

19. Which operating system does not support booting from the EFI Shell command line?
A. Linux
C. HP Open VMS
D. Windows Server 2003
Answer: D

6. How should you install memory in an BL860c BladeSystem server to get the best performance?
A. Install the memory DIMMs in pairs starting with slots 1A-B.
B. Install the memory DIMMs in quads starting with slots 0A-D
C. All DIMM slots should be populated with the same size DIMMs
D. Arrange DIMMs so that the DIMMs with the largest capacity are in the highest numbered slots.
Answer: C

7. You just installed a BL860c Blade Server. How do you verify which system, BMC and iLO 2 firmware is installed?
A. Run the fw command from the iLO 2.
B. Run the sysrev command from the iLO 2.
C. Execute the fwconfig command from the EFI Shell.
D. Execute the firmware command from the EFI Shell.
Answer: B

8. After a fresh installation of Windows Server 2003 on an Integrity Blade, which log file can you check to verify if there were errors during the installation?
A. The Windows install logfile (install.log)
B. The memory dump file (memory.dmp)
C. The Windows System Event logfile (system.evt)
D. The Windows Application Event Log file (application.evt)
Answer: C

9. An additional processor has just been installed in an HP c-Class Integrity BladeSystem server. Which offline tools are available to verify that the processors are functioning? (Select two.)
A. top
C. EFI info cpu command
D. EFI devices command
E. EFI cpuconfig command
Answer: CE

10. Which MP command is used to identify a particular blade?
Answer: C

11. You want to access HP System Management Homepage on one of your server blades. Which port will be used during secure communication?
A. 2000
B. 50000
C. 2301
D. 2381
Answer: D

12. You access the HP System Management Homepage of a Windows 2003 BL860C and the system type is shown as "unknown". What can be the problem?
A. SMIS Service is not installed
B. SMPT Service is not installed
C. SNMP Service is not installed
D. SYSMAN Service is not installed
Answer: C

13. Which interfaces are used to connect to the iLO MP of the Integrity BladeSystem server? (Select two.)
C. SUV cable serial port
D. Parallel port
E. PS2
Answer: B, C

14. How can you connect to the iLO 2 MP of an Integrity BladeSystem server? (Select two.)
A. Parallel port
B. telnet to the MP
C. SUV cable serial port
D. connect a keyboard to the OA
E. use the USB port of Interconnect Module one
Answer: B, C

15. Which lanboot option allows you to install HP-UX from a specific Ignite-UX server when more then one Ignite-UX server is available in the subnet?
A. lanboot select -dn
B. lanboot select
C. lanboot -od
D. lanboot -od
Answer: A

16. You created a dbprofile to install from an Ignite-UX server in a single network configuration, but the directed boot continues to fail. What is missing in your dbprofile?
A. boot file path
B. gateway IP-address
C. client IP-address
D. netmask
Answer: A

17. Which file on the Ignite-UX server needs to be updated with the client credentials to enable the client for network install?
A. /etc/opt/ignite/clients
B. /etc/bootptab
C. /etc/services
D. /etc/opt/ignite/INDEX
Answer: B

18. The HP Integrity Essentials Foundation Pack for Linux includes two management CDs. Which software is included on these CDs? (Select two.)
A. system backup software
B. LAN connectivity tools
C. HP Systems Insight Manager
D. System Management Homepage
E. Cell Local Memory (CLM) management utilities
Answer: C, D

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