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HP HP0-P16 Exam -

Free HP0-P16 Sample Questions:

1. When Hyper-Threading is enabled, what is the operating system allowed to do?
A. ensure that applications run faster
B. create virtual machines
C. allocate more memory to an application
D. schedule two threads or processes simultaneously
Answer: D

2. Which hardware components on HP Integrity rx8640 and rx7640 servers are non-redundant? (Select three.)
A. PCI I/O fans
B. PCI cardcage
C. system backplane
D. front and rear fans
E. PCI power supplies
F. bulk power supplies
Answer: B, C, E

3. What is a feature of vPar virtualization technology for HP Integrity servers?
A. It provides hardware fault isolation.
B. It enables multiple copies of HP-UX to run on the server.
C. It allows only one operating system image per HP Integrity server.
D. It provides dedicated processor and memory, and shared PCI cards.
Answer: B

4. Which product minimizes the need for a system administrator to be physically at the console performing diagnostics and management tasks?
A. System Management Homepage
B. Webmin Admin
C. Management Processor
D. Systems Insight Manager
Answer: C

5. What differentiates the HP Integrity platform from the IBM pSeries?
A. HP Integrity does not run Linux.
B. IBM pSeries does not run Linux.
C. HP Integrity does not run Windows.
D. IBM pSeries does not run Windows.
Answer: D

6. Your customer wants to protect his systems against data loss. Which HP service would you recommend?
A. Adaptive Enterprise Services
B. Application Management Services
C. Continuity and Availability Services
D. Infrastructure Management Services
Answer: C

7. Which HP service provides porting and migration capabilities?
A. HP Managed Services
B. HP Infrastructure Services
C. HP IT Management Solutions
D. HP Itanium Lifecycle Services
Answer: D

8. Which statements are correct for the PA-8900 processor family? (Select two.)
A. PA-8900 is a dual-die processor.
B. PA-8900 supports a runway bus.
C. PA-8900 supports a frontside bus.
D. PA-8900 is a single-core processor.
E. PA-8900 is a dual-core per die processor.
Answer: C, E

9. Which statements are true for an Intel Itanium 2 processor? (Select two.)
A. It supports a frontside bus.
B. It is a RISC processor.
C. It is an EPIC architecture-based processor.
D. It uses internal 32-bit processors with a 64-bit external bus interface.
E. It uses internal 64-bit processors with a 32-bit external bus interface.
Answer: A, C

10. What new feature is enabled by the zx2 chipset, as compared to the zx1 chipset?
A. PCI-X 1.0
C. chip spare
D. PCI Express
Answer: D

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