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HP HP0-P13 Exam -

Free HP0-P13 Sample Questions:

1. Which functions are provided by Integrity Virtual Machines but not by hard partitions?
A. failover protection for high availability
B. ability to run multiple operating systems simultaneously
C. electrical isolation
D. dynamic resource allocation
Answer: D

2. When you are designing an HP Integrity solution, which HP tool should you use to determine power consumption?
A. Capacity Advisor
B. sizing tool
C. Performance Quick Reference Tool (PQRT)
D. power calculator
Answer: D

3. Your customer wants to permanently move processor usage rights within a server. Which type of licensing is needed?
B. vPar
Answer: D

4. Which feature of an HP Integrity cell-based server enables you to replace a failed processor on one partition, while the other partition is running?
A. dynamic processor deallocation
B. Instant Capacity (iCAP)
C. electrically isolated partitions
D. hot plug processors
Answer: C

5. Which feature of the HP sx2000 chipset makes the Integrity rx7640 server a better choice for high availability than the rx6600?
A. double chip spare
B. Hyper-Threading
C. link self-healing
D. Dynamic Processor Resilience
Answer: C

6. A customer is currently using 32-bit processors in their data center. At present, they are not running out of disk space for their applications, and they have not had to create partitions for their databases.
What advantage can this customer gain by switching to 64-bit computing? (Select two.)
A. greater security and availability
B. reduced diskspace costs
C. faster response times for queries
D. fewer processors required for tasks
E. potential reduction in licensing costs
Answer: DE

7. Which applications will benefit most from porting from 32-bit to Itanium 64-bit processors? (Select two.)
A. web services
B. floating point calculations
C. very large databases
D. online transaction processing
E. mission-critical applications
Answer: BC

8. Which high-availability feature keeps a system running in spite of a multi-bit DRAM error?
A. chip spare like memory
B. memory scrubbing
C. dynamic page deallocation
D. address control parity
Answer: A

9. Which statements are true about memory in cell-based Integrity systems? (Select two.)
A. Memory modules of different sizes can be mixed in the same cell.
B. Cell local memory can be configured as a percentage of memory.
C. Cell local memory is faster than interleaved memory for providing access to memory
on other cells in the system.
D. Memory must be installed in dual quads of the same size memory modules.
E. Cell-based systems require cell local memory.
Answer: AB

10. Which statement is true regarding I/O technologies in HP Integrity servers?
A. PCIe uses a dual simplex point-to-point topology to move data.
B. PCI-X and PCIe support complex routing.
C. PCI, PCI-X, and PCIe use parallel buses.
D. PCI and PCIe are connector-compatible.
Answer: A

11. You are designing a solution for a customer runningWindows on an Integrity rx3600 who is looking for a file serving and shared storage system that is easy to deploy. The customer's business requires a solution that ships standard with integrated data protection and a capacity of more than 3TB.
Which HP storage solution should you recommend?
A. AiO1200 Storage System
B. SB600c Storage Blade
C. MSA2000i Storage System
D. DL380 G5 Storage Server
Answer: A

12. To simplify storage management for an HP Integrity rx2660 customer with limited system administration staff, you design a SAN solution that automates repetitive array processes. On which HP StorageWorks disk array system should you base your design?
A. MSA2000i
B. EVA4400
C. XP24000
D. EFS Clustered Gateway
Answer: B

13. You are planning a BladeSystem solution for a customer who wants to populate a c7000 enclosure with one Integrity BL860c server blade and one BL870c server blade. The customer also wants one SB600c storage blade, and one StorageWorks Ultrium tape blade to provide direct attach tape backup capability for the BL860c.
What must you remember when designing this configuration?
A. You must connect the storage blade and the tape blade to the same server blade.
B. HP Data Protector Express Single Server Edition must be purchased separately.
C. The tape blade must be adjacent to the BL860c server blade in the enclosure.
D. You must install a PCIe Mezzanine Pass-Thru Card for HP BladeSystem c-Class to connect the storage blade to the BL870c server blade.
Answer: C

14. A customer running business-critical applications on Integrity mid-range servers wants to replace the third-party storage system in their data center. Which HP StorageWorks product should you recommend?
A. MSA2000fc
B. DL380 G5 Storage Server
C. XP24000
D. Scalable File Share
Answer: C

15.Which capability of an Integrity server allows multiple heterogenous operating systems to run in a single complex?
A. hard partitioning
B. virtual partitioning
C. resource partitioning
D. logical partitioning
Answer: A

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