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HP HP0-P10 Exam -

Free HP0-P10 Sample Questions:

1. You have access to the MP. Which command do you use to enter the console mode?
A. co
B. rs
C. ex
D. cl
Answer: A

2. What is the minimally supported general distribution of HP OpenVMS on an Integrity rx2620 server?
A. 7.3
B. 8.1
C. 8.2
D. 8.3
Answer: C

3. If a customer purchases HP OpenVMS Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE), what additional software is needed to run OpenVMS clusters?
A. OpenVMS Cluster Kit
B. HP Serviceguard for OpenVMS
C. OpenVMS does not support clustering.
D. None, the software is integrated into the operating system.
Answer: D

4. Which HP management component used to gather information on HP Integrity rx2620 servers is provided at no additional cost?
A. HP Insight Diagnostics
B. Management Processor
C. Integrated Management Log
D. HP Insight Management Agent
Answer: D

5. How can you access the UUID on an entry-level HP Integrity server? (Select two.)
A. The UUID is written on the system information label of the server.
B. At the EFI Boot Manager menu, access the EFI Shell; then enter info sys.
C. At the Management Processor (MP) main menu, go to the Command Menu and enter id.
D. At the EFI Boot Manager menu, access the System Configuration menu and select System UUID.
E. If you access the EFI Boot Manager menu using integrated Lights-Out (iLO), the UUID displays automatically.
Answer: A, B

6. You replaced a hardware component. The firmware version of the new component is different from other similar components in the server. Which action is needed?
A. Update to the latest version of firmware.
B. No manual action is needed. The EFI automatically updates the firmware.
C. Modify the firmware version of the new component to match the earlier firmware version of the existing components.
D. Discuss with the customer which version of firmware they are using, and recommend updating to the latest version if possible.
Answer: D

7. An Integrity rx3600 server is running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. Which command do you use to gracefully shut down this system when the Windows console and terminal services are not responding?
A. Use the MP to issue a PC -OFF command.
B. Enter shutdown from the SAC prompt.
C. Use the MP to issue the MP shutdown command.
D. Press and hold the system power button until the system powers off.
Answer: B

8. What is the MP command to configure an HP Integrity rx3600 for network access?
A. lc
B. ls
C. lanboot
D. sa
Answer: A

9. Which standard features are available in iLO 2 that were not available in iLO? (Select two.)
A. Web GUI or text interface
B. Secure Shell (SSH)
C. Event Notification
D. Systems Insight Manager (SIM) Group Actions
E. Automatic hardware protection
Answer: B, D

10. Which HP Integrity systems support iLO 2? (Select two.)
A. rx3600
B. bl60p
C. rx6600
D. rx2620
E. rx4640
Answer: A, C

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