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HP HP0-M48 Exam -

Free HP0-M48 Sample Questions:

1. What is the purpose of the Auto Correlate function? merge results from two load test scenarios autodiscover and document all bottlenecks detected during a performance test detect similar trends among measurements by correlating a measurement in one graph with measurements in other graphs autogenerate reports correlated to a recipient's le vel of knowledge
Answer: C

2. Which filtering condition will be used to highlight only failed transactions in Analysis graphs?
A.transaction end status name
C.transaction name
D.error type
Answer: A

3. During a test run, why is it important to insert Run-time Monitors on Controller and Load Generator machines? verify that Vuser ramp and Load Generator CPU usage are approximately the same verify that your test architecture is properly isolated from external disturbance ensure that test architecture performance is not lower than that of the architecture under test ensure that your test architecture can generate the desired load without itself becoming a bottleneck
Answer: D

4. Which goal is an example of a measurable goal?
A.the number of iterations defined in the Run-time Settings (RTS)
B.the identification of the name of the application server
C.the expected transaction response time
D.the number of Load Generators to be used
Answer: C

5. Which goal is an example of a high level goal?
A.Error rate may not be higher than 10% of all transactions.
B.Update transaction must work in peak time.
C.500 users must be able to log in at the same time.
D.The Search transaction may not take longer than 3 seconds.
Answer: B

6. Which default port is used for the communication between MI_Listener and Monitoring Agent?
Answer: A

7. Which HP LoadRunner application or component is used to upload the license?
C.Virtual User Generator
Answer: D

8. Which tool is used to manage and maintain a scenario?
D.Load Generator
r Generator
Answer: D

9. What is the correct way to simulate packet loss during a load test?
A.create a VuGen script that randomly generates failed transactions
B.insert high variable think times into VuGen scripts
C.set the proper percentage of packet loss in Run -time Settings: Network: Speed Simulation
D.use WAN Emulation software on Load Generators
Answer: D

10. When should you use the IP Spoofer solution?
A.when generating a very high load
B.when emulating server or router optimizations, based on a client's IP
C.when using more than Load Generator hosts
D.when anonymizing your Load Generator during the test
Answer: B

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