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HP HP0-M47 Exam -

Free HP0-M47 Sample Questions:

1. What is the purpose of the Data Table in a custom checkpoint?
A. to store output values and formulas
B. to compare headers
C. to access global values
D. to store input objects
Answer: A

2. In HP QuickTest Professional, what does the Managing Versions feature enable you to do?
A. compare different test results
B. check out only the latest version of an asset
C. compare only the latest two versions of an asset
D. check in only the latest version of an asset
Answer: B

3. You have developed a functional test in HP QuickTest Professional and want to take advantage of version control in HP Application Lifecycle Management. Which menu option should you use to put your test in HP Application Lifecycle Management?
A. Save As
B. Create Version
C. Check-in
D. Save Test with Resources
Answer: A

4. What happens when you import data using the DataTab le.ImportSheet function?
A. Data is overwritten when column headers in Excel and the data table match.
B. Sheet1 in the Excel file is always imported.
C. Data will be appended to the data table.
D. A new column is added to the data table when column he aders in Excel and the data table match.
Answer: A

5. HP QuickTest Professional 11 enables you record steps from which browser?
A. Chrome
B. Safari
C. Netscape
D. Firefox
Answer: D

6. Which Web testing capabilities have been added in HP QuickTest P rofessional 11? (Select three.)
A. Firefox Document Object Model access
B. Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar support
C. Event Identifiers that enable identification based on events associated to a Web object
D. Javascript code capability that enables Javascript code to be embedded in all loaded browser pages
E. Property Identifiers that enable identification based on properties associated to a Web object
F. Vbscript code capability that enables Vbscript code to run in specific browser pages
Answer: A,C,D

7. What is created when you select Edit > Action > Split Action?
A. an independent action
B. a new shared object repository
C. an action fork
D. a new test
Answer: A

8. When inserting a call to a reusable action, which two ways can the tester handle the data resources in that action? (Select two.)
A. Have the new action refer to a read-only copy of the data in the original action.
B. Have the action get an empty set of data resources.
C. Delete the data.
D. Store an editable copy of the data in the new action.
E. Have the new action refer with write permissions to the copy of the data in the original action.
Answer: A,D

9. An HP QuickTest Professional instructor needs to take a sample test that was built in HP Application Lifecycle Management to an off-site training facility. What is the simplest way to convert that test into a portable format?
A. Use the Export to Portable feature to export the test with its object repository into XML format.
B. Use the Save Test with Resources feature for main test and do the same for the test that contains the called reusable actions.
C. Use the Save Test with Resources feature.
D. Use the Export to Zip feature.
Answer: C

10. What is configured with the Action Call Properties dialog box?
A. object repositories
B. test flow settings
C. test run properties
D. local data sheet iterations
Answer: D

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