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HP HP0-M28 Exam -

Free HP0-M28 Sample Questions:

1. What are the default screen sets on a migrated database?
A. Windows, Web
B. system, custom
C. full, Web, custom
D. custom, full, simple
Answer: D

2. To continue code on multiple lines, which line-continuation character can you use?
A. a space followed by a hyphen ( -)
B. a space followed by a plus sign ( +)
C. a space followed by an underscore ( _)
D. a space followed by an ampersand ( &)
Answer: C

3. Which file is updated to activate the AdbLog option for the Web client?
B. aamapi51.ini
D. AssetManagerWebService.xml
Answer: B

4. Which actions are necessary to optimize and lower service and asset costs? (Select three.)
A. extend hardware lifecycles
B. shorten hardware lifecycles
C. extend procurement lifecycles
D. enable asset and invoice reconciliation
E. effectively manage contracts, leases, license agreements and warranties
Answer: ADE

5. What are key business benefits of an Asset Manager solution? (Select three.)
A. asset lifecycle management
B. the ability to sort assets by user
C. single-source, single-level reconciliation
D. a powerful and customizable workflow engine
E. the ability to model assets and their management rules
Answer: ADE

6. Which key benefits does Asset Manager provide customers? (Select three.)
A. It is used as a discovery solution.
B. It aligns IT with business objectives.
C. It optimizes service and asset costs.
D. It highlights software compliance risk.
E. It is used as a stand-alone uCMDB solution.
Answer: BCD

7. If a customer is in the chaos (initial) stage of the evolutionary model, which approach is recommended?
A. Asset tracking
B. Expense control
C. Asset optimization
D. Process automation
Answer: A

8. How can asset optimization help an organization? (Select three.)
A. by improving reporting tools
B. by using business intelligence and advanced analytics
C. by identifying trends and opportunities for improvement
D. by increasing the transparency of IT fiscal performance
E. by increasing maintenance costs involved in infrastructure
Answer: BCD

9. Which modules are integrated within the Software Asset Management module? (Select two.)
A. Portfolio
B. Contracts
C. Reconciliation
D. Cable and Circuit
Answer: AB

10. Which items are part of the purchase request? (Select two.)
A. Models
B. Quotes
C. Invoices
D. Reservations
Answer: AD

11. When does the Automated Process Manager automatically create expense lines? (Select two.)
A. when creating invoice lines
B. when split billing expenses exist
C. when periodic rent calculations exist
D. when receiving a purchase order line
Answer: BC

12. Which table indicates business level units when creating chargeback rules?
A. Cost types
B. Cost centers
C. Expense lines
D. Employees and departments
Answer: B

13. Which contract types are within the Contracts module? (Select two.)
A. License
B. Warranty
C. Lease schedule
D. Business service
Answer: AC

14. Which tool is used to integrate a customization from one Asset Manager database to another?
A. Connect-It
B. Export Utility
C. Application Designer
D. Automated Process Manager
Answer: C

15. Which modules are utilized for the Software asset management module? (Select three.)
A. Portfolio
B. Contract
C. Financials
D. Procurement
E. Reconciliation
F. Cable and Circuit
Answer: ABC

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