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HP HP0-M26 Exam -

Free HP0-M26 Sample Questions:

1. Which SiteScope tools may be used to troubleshoot URL Monitor problems? (Select four.)
A. Ping
B. Network
C. Trace Route
D. DNS Lookup
E. Check URL Sequence
F. Get URL and URL Content
Answer: A, C, D, F

2. What are required inputs that are common to both the SNMP Browser Tool and SNMP Tool? (Select four.)
A. Listening port
B. Content match
C. Host/IP Address
D. Number of records to get
E. Community string (v1/v2)
F. Authentication details (v3)
Answer: A, C, E, F

3. Which SiteScope Health items provide information regarding the health of SiteScope? (Select two.)
A. Monitor log files
B. Monitor memories
C. Monitor key processes
D. Monitor Windows Services
E. Monitor server resource usage
Answer: C, E

4. What is the correct path in the user interface to make changes to log level?
A. Tools > Event Log
B. Health > Log Event Checker
C. Preferences > Log Preferences
D. Preferences > General Preferences
Answer: C

5. What are indications that a monitor is skipping? (Select three.)
A. A monitor is disabled.
B. There is missing data.
C. There is an entry in the Event Log.
D. SiteScope is stopping _restarting.
E. There is an entry in the SiteScope Error Log.
F. The process pool limit is near the maximum level.
Answer: B, D, E

6. Which SiteScope tools are useful for troubleshooting a network problem? (Select four.)
A. Ping
B. Network
C. Event Log
D. Trace Route
E. DNS Lookup
F. Performance Counters
Answer: A, B, D, E

7. Which SiteScope tools display what is currently running on a local or remote server? (Select two.)
A. Network
B. Reports
C. Services
D. Processes
E. Web Service
Answer: C, D

8. What is business process grouping or hierarchy?
A. a method of grouping individual monitors by their business owners
B. a method of grouping individual monitors by Business Process Monitoring (BPM)
C. a method of grouping individual monitors by prioritizing their level of importance to the business
D. a method of grouping individual monitors which target components of specific Business Services
Answer: D

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