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HP HP0-M17 Exam -

Free HP0-M17 Sample Questions:

1. What does Vuser initialization refer to? (Select two.)
A. access the User site
B. prepare the Controller monitors
C. prepare the Vusers for a load test
D. gather available Timeslot information
E. prepare the Load Generator machines for a load test run
Answer: C, E

2. What does the Timeout tab set the timeout interval for? (Select two.)
A. commands
B. Vuser quotas
C. Vuser scripts
D. Vuser elapsed time
E. number of monitors
Answer: A, D

3. From where can your teams view analysis data for your load tests?
A. from the user site
B. from the controller machine
C. from the Local Area Network
D. from the load generator machine
Answer: A

4. In Performance Center architecture, which component allows you to manage resources and supervise technical information?
A. Utility server
B. Database server
C. Administration site
D. Controller machine
Answer: C

5. The database server receives information from four components. What are these components? (Select four.)
A. User site
B. File server
C. Utility server
D. Administration site
E. Controller machine
F. Load generator machine
Answer: A, C, D, E

6. What type of valid input data is already resident in the Application Under Tests (AUT) database?
A. master data
B. external data
C. user generated data
D. Performance Center data
Answer: A

7. What is the minimum length of a Timeslot?
A. one hour
B. 30 minutes
C. 45 minutes
D. 15 minutes
Answer: B

8. Where do you configure the post-run analysis settings?
A. in the Change Project page
B. in the Options tab of the Timeslots page
C. in the General tab on the Project Status page
D. in the Timeslot Details tab of the Timeslots page
Answer: B

9. When you upload a VuGen script into Performance Center, which file extension change needs to be made?
A. .USZ to .ZIP
B. .ZIP to .NET
C. .DOC to .ZIP
D. .HTML to .DOC
Answer: A

10. What is Performance Centers primary tool for developing Vuser scripts?
A. VuGen
B. Quality Center
C. Quick Test Professional
D. performance engineers
Answer: A

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