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HP HP0-K02 Exam -

Free HP0-K02 Sample Questions:

1. Which function does the Onboard Administrator perform in the BladeSystem c-Class? (Select two.)
A. configures and troubleshoots the server blade
B. manages connections to the interconnect modules
C. activates Remote Deployment Pack (RDP) when an in-service server fails
D. automates the process of deploying server operating systems and software
E. drives all management features through the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) and Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (ICMB) interfaces
Answer: B, E

2. Which options properly power down a c-Class blade server? (Select two.)
A. Use the virtual power button selection through iLO2.
B. Remove the c-Class blade server from the enclosure.
C. Use the virtual power button selection through RILOE II.
D. Switch off the power supplies on the back of the c7000 enclosure.
E. Press and hold the Power On/Standby button for more than 4 seconds.
Answer: A, E

3. What happens if you install extra fans in bays of a c7000 BladeSystem enclosure in such a way that they do not meet the next higher fan rule?
A. The enclosure will shut down.
B. The new fans will spin up and run at full speed.
C. The red LED will start blinking on the new fans.
D. The new fans will be marked with location errors.
Answer: D

4. Which LED indicator shows a fan failure?
A. solid blue
B. solid red
C. solid green
D. solid amber
Answer: D
5. What is the correct way of removing an active cool fan from a c-Class enclosure?
A. Lift the handle upwards and pull the fan from the enclosure.
B. Turn the handle on the fan counterclockwise and remove the fan.
C. Remove the four screws securing the fan and lift it out of the enclosure.
D. Remove the power connector from the fan and lift the fan out of the chassis.
Answer: B

6. Which port on a BladeSystem c-Class enclosure serves as a service port for temporary connection to a PC?
A. USB port
B. serial port
C. enclosure link-up port
D. enclosure link-down port
Answer: C

7. Which hardware support services can be offered by HP Care Packs? (Select three.)
A. 2nd-Day Service
B. Pick-up and Return
C. Next Day Exchange
D. 2-Hour Call-to-Repair
E. 6-Hour Call-to-Repair
Answer: B, C, E

8. Which features are available in Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE) Advanced? (Select three.)
A. monthly OS update and patch downloads
B. real-time hardware event monitoring and automated notification to the HP 3rd level support
C. event management and fault detection to enhance Support Point of Presence (SPOP) availability
D. comprehensive enterprise view of open incidents, history, installed clients, client status, and contact information
E. convenient central point of administration through an HP owned and maintained Support Point of Presence (SPOP) server installed at the customer site
Answer: C, D, E
9. Which HP service offering provides a two-hour response time for software issues and a four-hour response time for hardware issue resolution?
A. Proactive 24
B. HP Support Plus
C. HP Support Plus 24
D. Software Plus Support Service
Answer: A

10. What should a customer do before calling for service during the warranty period?
A. Install the ISEE software to automatically log the event.
B. Order a Care Pack online to have service on the same day.
C. Download the maintenance and service guide for the server.
D. Run diagnostics and install the latest firmware, drivers and patches.
Answer: D

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