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HP HP0-J64 Exam -

Free HP0-J64 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which HP 3PAR lnForm Operating System feature allows you to create point-in-time clones with independent service-level parameters?
A. Virtual Copy
B. Smart Copy
C. Remote Copy
D. Full Copy
Answer: D detail.html?oid=5044394#!tab=features
Data Protection and Copy Space Reclamation Features lmprove Capacity Utilization
HP 3PAR RAlD MP (Multi-Parity) uses Fast RAlD 6 and the accelerated performance of the HP 3PARASlC to prevent data loss as a result of double disk failures. Performance levels are maintained within 15% ofRAlD 10 and with capacity overheads comparable to popular RAlD 5 modes.
HP 3PAR Full Copy is an HP 3PAR Operating System Software feature that allows you to create thinaware,point-in-time clones with independent service level parameters which can be rapidly resynchronizedwith base volumes as needed.
The HP 3PAR Thin Copy Reclamation feature keeps your storage lean and efficient by reclaiming unusedspace resulting from the deletion of virtual copy snapshots associated with virtual copy and remote copyvolumes.

Q: 2
A pharmaceutical company is planning to replace their existing SAN storage platform with new HP 3PAR StoreServ array. They tell you that they have a very mixed environment, but have no inventory or diagram of the existing environment. Which tool gathers information to determine compatibility of your proposed array?
A. HP Configuration Collector
B. HP SAN Designer
C. HP System Reporter
D. HP SAN Visibility
Answer: D
HP SAN Visibility
SAN Visibility is a complementary software utility for HP customers that helps with SAN Analysis, SANDiagnostics and SAN Optimization. SAN Visibility saves you considerable time, money, and effort byautomating inventory activities and providing a quick and accurate view of your SAN topology. SAN Visibilityhas an automated report generation feature that produces recommendations, topology diagrams, andinformative SAN element reports for switches, host bus adapters and storage array connectivity. SAN Visibilityruns on any Windows desktop or laptop which has network connectivity to a switch within your SAN sansolutions.html
HP SAN Designer
SAN Designer is a powerful application to help you design a customized SAN. Configure and design your SANbased on the following attributes: performance, cost, and future growth requirements. SAN Designer helps youselect the fabric characteristics as well as the SAN elements allowing for a complete SAN Design. Thereporting feature of SAN Designer generates topology diagrams, required SAN components, and additionalrecommendations for your SANDesign. SAN Designer is a complementary software utility for HP customersand runs on a Windows desktop or laptop. sandesigner.html

Q: 3
A company is running their parts inventory applications on an HP 3PAR F400 storage system with NearLine (SATA) disk drives. These applications are currently using LUN utilizing a Raid 5 (7+1) NL CPG. They are having performance issues while compiling their monthly reports in a timely manner.
HP 3PAR System Reporter indicates several high write I/O volumes during production runs.
What should the design team recommend to improve this performance?
A. HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization and a new RID 1 CPG
B. snapshot to capture all writes to a RAID 1 CPG
C. thin provisioning to achieve a better distribution across all physical disks
D. HP 3PAR Dynamic Optimization to move the high performance volumes to a new RAID 1 CPG
Answer: D docname=4AA4-4524ENW, page 12
• Allows for large-scale performance optimization after adding new resources to the system or moving a large number of volumes between tiers

Q: 4
Which IT factors support the customer in accelerating time to market? (Select two)
A. optimized response times
B. integrated systems that reduce redundancy
C. 24x7 availability of applications
D. centralized IT
E. more efficient cost structures
Answer: A,C
Objective: Sought a reliable, secure and scalable high-performance platform to deliver managed cloudservices, accelerate time-to-market and support rapid growth.
Reduces hardware provisioning times three-fold, accelerating time-to-market.
In commerce, time to market (TTM) is the length of time it takes from a product being conceived until its beingavailable for sale. TTM is important in industries where products are outmoded quickly. A common assumptionis that TTM matters most for first-of-a-kind products, but actually the leader often has the luxury of time, whilethe clock is clearly running for the followers.

Q: 5
A customer wants to replicate the same data on their HP 3PAR StoreServ storage arrays to two separate campus locations. Which Remote Copy topology would allow the customer to achieve this activity?
A. 2:1 Asynchronous Remote Copy
B. Synchronous Continuous Access
C. Synchronous Long Distance
D. Asynchronous Long Distance
Answer: C
HP 3PAR Remote Copy.pdf, page 10 -Synchronous long-distance topology

Q: 6
B-series switches with Access Gateway mode enabled provide connectivity to other switches that support which feature?
Answer: B
Access Gateway
Brocade Access Gateway Mode enables seamless connectivity for Brocade embedded SAN switches to other supported SAN fabrics, enhances scalability, and simplifies manageability. Utilizing N_Port ID Virtualization(NPIV) standards, Brocade Access Gateway eliminates switch/domain considerations.

Q: 7
Which rule applies when designing a routed HP StoreVirtual 4000 Remote Copy environment to replicate data from a branch office to the main data center?
A. The two IP subnets must have IP routes to each target network with forwarding.
B. The two IP subnets must have IP routes to each target network with direct access mode configured.
C. The two IP subnets must have IP routes to each target network without network address translation.
D. The two IP subnets must have IP routes to each target network without a private VPN tunnel used.
Answer: C
IP networking requirements
You can use HP P4000 remote copy from one cluster to another cluster on a single IP subnet as well as acrossroutedenvironments. In a routed environment, the two IP subnets must have IP routes to each target network withoutnetworkaddress translation (NAT) or port forwarding. You can employ private WAN connections using point-to-pointprotocols, or you can set up a VPN tunnel between two networks that are separated by the public Internet. TheVPNtunnel effectively acts as one hop on a router and will allow the use of private IP space on each end. HP%20StoreVirtual%20P4000%20Networking%20 Recommendations.pdf

Q: 8
Following the merger of two financial companies, management is considering combining the two distinct customer call centers into a single physical location. In addition to the overall call center headcount increasing by 30%, the support for two distinct customer bases presents the potential of having two different desktop PCs on the desk of each call center employee. Instead of correspondingly increasing IT support headcount to manage the single, larger call center and call center infrastructure, management believes they can reduce the required time to support call center operations by 40% if they employ virtual desktop technology.
An initial assessment has identified the need for a centralized storage solution that could support 500 virtual desktops running a variety of applications that can scale quickly to accommodate an expected increase in call center staff. The customer is already an HP Blade System customer using HP Virtual Connect Flex-10.
Some of the additional business criteria identified in customer planning interviews includes: Use client virtualization for the desktops.
Achieve the highest possible density and performance for the virtual desktops,but keep the virtual desktop storage traffic off the network due to a current, existing limitation of only 1GbE.
Do not use standalone, network-attached storage. Limit the impact of additional rack space.
Minimize the risk of additional help-desk tickets.
Present multiple solutions, prioritized with a recommendation. Refer to the scenario.
The customer is concemed about data migration from their third-party storage array to a new solution. How do you solve this concem.
A. Focus on an HP StoreServ 7000 Storage solution to use the online import from data migration.
B. Advise a new backup and recovery concept using HP StoreOnce Backup Systems to avoid data loss.
C. Present Hyper Visor storage migration functionalities to migrate data online.
D. Include HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules in the design to keep all migration paths open.
Answer: C
Present HyperVisor storage migration functionalities to migrate data online

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