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HP HP0-J52 Exam -

Free HP0-J52 Sample Questions:

1. What is a benefit of connecting servers to the SAN one HBA at a time?
A. It guarantees the connections are properly documented.
B. It allows the switch time to balance the load.
C. It prevents having to reboot the server.
D. It allows verification that the HBA properly logs into the fabric.
Answer: D

2. A customer wants to implement a new c-Class blade environment and connect it as an edge device in an existing fabric and Ethernet network.Which cost-effective converged network interconnect device should you recommend to help reduce the resultant network sprawl by up to 95%?
A. HP StorageWorks 4Gb SAN Switch for HP c-Class BladeSystem (Brocade 4024)
B. HP StorageWorks 400 Multiprotocol Router
C. HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Modules
D. HP StorageWorks 4/32 SAN Switch with Access Gateway enabled
Answer: C

3. What is a feature of a B-series switch license upgrade?
A. inter-switch link (ISL) trunking
B. zero E-port capability
C. advancedWebTools
D. zoning
Answer: A

4. When powering down the SAN, what is an exception that would change the power down sequence?
A. The physical layout of the SAN devices is modified.
B. A non-standard sequence is used for power on.
C. A server is needed to run device management software.
D. Data in the cache is previously flushed.
Answer: C

5. Which port type is used by building an LSAN on supported B-series 8Gb SAN Switches to provide the routed paths between routed fabrics?
A. VEX_Port
B. E_Port
C. EX_Port
D. TE_Port
Answer: C

6. Which software utility can be installed by customers and used to perform SAN analysis and diagnostics without supervision by an HP engineer?
A. SAN Visibility
B. SANXpert
C. ScanMaster
Answer: A

7. A customer needs a scalable SAN infrastructure and wants to add ports when they are needed. Which B-series switch offers license upgrades in 16-port increments?
A. HP StorageWorks SAN Director 4/256
B. HP StorageWorks 8/40 SAN Switch
C. HP StorageWorks 8/80 SAN Switch
D. HP StorageWorks DC04 SAN Director
Answer: C

8. During the installation of an HP StorageWorks SN6000 Fibre Channel Switch there is a fatal POST error.
How is this indicated by the switch?
A. Fault light flashing red
B. blinking LED and audible alarm
C. audible alarm only
D. blinking heartbeat LED display
Answer: D

9. You are installing Cisco MDS switches into a SAN environment .Which command allows you to verify the status of all Fibre Channel interfaces?
A. show ports brief
B. switchshow
C. list port allocation
D. show interface brief
Answer: D

10. What is the purpose of the DCFM Firmware Management checkbox labeled Overwrite current firmware?
A. allows a user to re-apply the same version of firmware
B. write enables the NVRAM to allow firmware updates
C. enables updates of both copies of firmware
D. allows users to downgrade the version of firmware
Answer: A

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