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HP HP0-J42 Exam -

Free HP0-J42 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What are reasons for protection data against disasters? (Select two)
A. manage data growth
B. comply with legal requirements
C. decrease IT expenses
D. secure business critical data
E. deploy new backup technologies
Answer: B, D

Q: 2
Which tasks are associated with controlling a target in a storage infrastructure management environment?
A. diagnose, predict, repair, and migrate
B. configure, provision, repair, and migrate
C. report, bill analyze, diagnose, and predict
D. discover, track, diagnose, and predict
Answer: B

Q: 3
Which command designates a switch in the B-Series switch fabric as the primary management switch?
A. fabricsetprincipal
B. fabricsetprimary
C. fabricprincipal
D. fabricprimary
Answer: C

Q: 4
What is the maximum supported length of 50-multi-mode. What is the maximum supported length of 50-? Multi-mode OM3 cables at a speed of 8Gb/3?
A. 50m
B. 150m
C. 380m
D. 500m
Answer: B

Q: 5
You need up-to-data information about installed firmware versions and drives at a customer site where you install new storage arrays and add B-Series SAN switches. Which free ufility can assist you?
A. SAN Health
B. Data Center Fabric Manager Professional+
C. Storage Essentials
D. Insight RS Advanced
Answer: A

Q: 6
What are characteristics of holographic recording?(Select two)
A. uses laser holography to record patterns in a 3-d crystal
B. uses laser holography to record data on a disk
C. only works in combination with magnetic recording
D. has very high information density
E. is commonly used as a software distribution media
Answer: A, D

Q: 7
What is a common method for handling multiple reporting and monitoring functions?
A. Combine all information into one report for simplicity
B. Use graphical reports to enhance interpretation.
C. Separate low-level information reporting from higher-level analysis and decision making
D. Use intelligent interfaces to offload reporting and decision-making from management software
Answer: C

Q: 8
Which switches are suited for entry-level environments? (Select two)
A. HP StorageWords Converged Netword Switch
B HP StorageWords SAN Switch 8/40
C. HP StorageWords SAN Switch 8/24
D. Cisco MDC 9124 Fabric Switch
E. HP StorageWorks 1606 Extension SAN Switch
Answer: C, D

Q: 9
For which purpose are access controls used in a storage network?
A. to perform automated periodic tasks
B. to provide storage access for individual users
C. to record data usage on dedicated server systems
D. to prevent other systems from corrupting data
Answer: D

Q: 10
Which statement about HP NAS solutions is correct?
A. Clients must be on the same subnet
B. Windows domain services are only supported for client authentication
C. Heterogeneous client operating systems are supported
D. Block-based storage is a major benefit of HP NAS solutions
Answer: C

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