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HP HP0-J40 Exam -

Free HP0-J40 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A customer wants to add shared iSCSI storage and file serving to their BladeSystem enclosure. Which product, partnered with the SB40c, provides this functionality?
A. X5000 Network Storage Gateway
B. X1800sb Network Storage Blade
C. X3800sb Network Storage Blade
D. X3400 Network Storage Gateway
Answer: B

Q: 2
A customer needs a proposal for an HP Compliance Archiving solution. Which tool assists in defining and sizing the solution?
A. HP Storage Builder for Windows
B. HP StorageWorks Sizing Tool
C. HP Integrated Archive Platform Sizing Tool
D. HP Enterprise Configurator
Answer: B

Q: 3
A consultant is designing a SAN solution that includes an EVA6400 and an X3800 Network Storage Gateway. The customer wants optimal utilization of their storage capacity. Which add-on software provides this functionality?
A. Business Copy EVA
B. Replication Solution Manager
C. Cluster Extension EVA
D. Dynamic Capacity Management
Answer: D

Q: 4
What is the main function of core or director switches?
A. provide support of multiple traffic classes over a lossless Ethernet fabric
B. provide inter-switch links for any-to-any connectivity
C. provide Fibre Channel over IP and iSCSI connectivity
D. provide user ports for connecting servers and storage systems
Answer: B

Q: 5
Which encryption type is used for securing data in transit over IP networks?
A. Advanced Encryption Standard
B. Internet protocol security
C. crypto processing engine
D. Storage Media Encryption
Answer: B

Q: 6
A customer wants to implement a pair of EVA8400 arrays with Continuous Access replication and two VLS9000 with LBR (Low Bandwidth Replication) in remote data centers. A consultant creates the necessary BOM (Bill of Material) for the hardware and software. Which information is needed from the customer to correctly quote the support services for this project?
A. staff technical ability
B. data center location
D. service level agreement
Answer: D

Q: 7
When meeting with customers regarding a new solution, which skill helps create demand and minimize resistance to change?
A. designing a solution to meet the customer requirements
B. designing a solution that will have the minimum impact to staff
C. showing the solution benefits to the CIO
D. articulating the new solution at all levels, to all involved
Answer: D

Q: 8
IT has become a significant part of corporate spending. The decision makers need to understand the impact of IT investments on their business and be able to justify IT investments relative to other strategic investments (such as R&D, plant, and equipment).
What is this known as in HP presales methodology terms?
A. measurement and improvement values
B. IT strategy values
C. business value
D. value selling
Answer: C

Q: 9
The customer is a university with 20,000 students and 3,500 staff. They have been directed to reduce their overall IT spending for the next 3 years by 30%. A major issue is that most of the university's server and storage infrastructure is now over 3 years old and they need to show substantial return on investment before new hardware can be purchased. Their environment consists of HP BladeSystems c7000, with sixteen BL685c servers, a mixture of twelve G1 and four G5 servers. The G5 servers are the newest (less than a year old) while the G1 servers are now over three years old. Most equipment was installed three years earlier. The interconnect modules in the C7000 Blade Enclosure for both the Ethernet and fibre connections are Pass Thru Modules. The storage is an EVA8000 with 50TB of disk, 30TB of Fibre Channel disk and 20TB of FATA disk. This too is over 3 years old. Connecting all the fibre components are two HP MDS9216i SAN Switches. Their entire server base is virtualized using ESX 3.5 utilizing VMware High Availability (HA) and DRS. All of the university's critical systems run on the BL685c G1 servers. The university requires a 24 x 7 uptime on all e- Learning systems including email. The university does not utilize any additional software tools to manage their systems other than VMware vCentre and HP CommandView. What are the most appropriate questions to ask to uncover possible tiered storage opportunities? (Select two.)
A. Do you require disk to disk backup?
B. Are solid state disks an interesting technology for you?
C. How much data can you afford to lose?
D. How much time can you afford to be unavailable to your customers?
E. Have you considered moving from 10K rpm disks to 15K rpm disks?
Answer: C,D

Q: 10
A customer is striving to transform their IT infrastructure to increase productivity, control costs and improve efficiency. One of the customer's goals is to improve storage capacity utilization, while consolidating SAN islands. In a first meeting, a consultant should present a roadmap to migrate the existing traditional storage environment into a virtualized server and storage infrastructure. Which storage consolidation and virtualization benefit should the consultant emphasize when presenting SAN Virtualization Services Platform (SVSP) advantages?
A. defines a single namespace for easy management
B. adds more storage capacity and expands virtual volumes
C. provides support for all major file protocols concurrently
D. ensures that performance of the virtual volume is handled by a single array
Answer: B

Q: 11
A customer is concerned about growth of the company's HP Data Protector Software database. Which tool will address this concern?
A. HP StorageWorks sizing tool
B. HP Data Protector database sizer
C. Database Configuration Worksheet
D. Capacity Planning Spreadsheet
Answer: D

Q: 12
What is the term for a configuration where failure of a single component does not cause failure of the entire system?
A. hot-swappable
C. high availability
Answer: B

Q: 13
You are proposing an HP Storage Essentials SRM Enterprise Edition solution for a customer environment using only Oracle databases. You have decided to design a single server deployment. What is another term for this configuration?
A. shared
B. dedicated
C. mixed
D. isolated
Answer: A

Q: 14
Which HP Storage Essentials SRM pluG. ins are available for the Enterprise Edition, but not for Standard Edition? (Select three.)
A. Report Designer
B. Backup Manager
C. Provisioning Manager
D. NAS Manager
E. Database Viewer
F. Chargeback Manager
Answer: A, C, F

Q: 15
Which statement is correct about Remote Web Console?
A. It can manage all XP firmware based software.
B. It can provide centralized management of multiple XP arrays.
C. Licensing is tier based on a per TB basis.
D. It provides SAN level management.
Answer: A

Q: 16
When must a customer use HP StorageWorks Command View XP Advanced Edition over Remote Web Console XP?
A. for CLI based array management
B. for centralized management of multiple XP arrays
C. for Business Copy XP management
D. for simple LUN management
Answer: B

Q: 17
Which types of spares are available in an MSA2000? (Select three.)
A. Dedicated spare
B. Global spare
C. Default spare
D. Dynamic spare
E. Array spare
F. vdisk spare
Answer: BDF

Q: 18
You are going to present a volume to a host. From the HP StorageWorks MSA Storage Management Utility, you select Manage > Volume Management > Volume Mapping > Map Hosts to Volume. What must you select next?
A. A mapping
B. A virtual disk
C. A volume
D. A host
Answer: B

Q: 19
Which statements are true when using the 16-port CHA pair, rather than the 8-port CHA pair? (Select two.)
A. There is improved high availability functionality
B. There is improved front-end array performance
C. A maximum of two are supported per XP24000
D. Fibre Channel connectivity (port count) increases
E. The number of heterogeneous host types increases
F. Front-end array performance is typically not increased
Answer: DF

Q: 20
You are connecting 2 B-Series switches together and the Core PID settings are different, what happens?
A. Fabric Segments
B. Automatically Sync PID settings
C. Principle switch gets a higher number
D. Other
Answer: A

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