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HP HP0-J39 Exam -

Free HP0-J39 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which statements about HP P4000 SAN Network RAID levels are correct? (Select three.)
A. Copies are located on different clusters.
B. Redundant copies of blocks reside on different storage nodes.
C. Performance improves as the number of copies increases.
D. Up to four copies can be created.
E. The Network RAID level is defined per storage node.
F. The number of storage nodes in the cluster can limit the Network RAID level.
Answer: B, D, F

Q: 2
Which statements about remote copies are correct? (Select two.)
A. Remote copiescan not be mounted.
B. Remote copies are always thin provisioned.
C. Remote copies are asynchronous replicas of a volume.
D. Remote copies can be synchronous and asynchronous.
E. Remote copies are asynchronous replicas between different clusters.
Answer: B, C

Q: 3
Which benefit does a virtual IP load balancing (VIPLB) initiator provide?
A. directsiSCSI communication to the least busy storage module
B. supports simultaneousiSCSI communication with multiple storage modules
C. selects the next storage module in the list foriSCSI communication
D. prefers the fastest connection foriSCSI communication
Answer: A

Q: 4
What are potential purposes to utilize snapshots? (Select two.)
A. to restore files without tape or backup software
B. to protect against unintended manual data deletion
C. to protect against disk failures
D. to protect against multiple hardware failures
E. to prevent sensitive data from modification
Answer: A, B

Q: 5
Click the Exhibit button.
(Exhibit is not available in this demo)
Which network protocol should be enabled when using ProCurve switches in an iSCSI storage network?
A. Mesh Protocol
B. Simple Loop Prevention Protocol
C. Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
D. Point-to-Point Protocol
Answer: C

Q: 6
Which HBA and iSCSI initiator combination does the iSCSI protocol support? (Select two.)
A. iSCSI HBA with TCP offload engine (TOE)
B. softwareiSCSI initiator with Fibre Channel HBA
C. softwareiSCSI initiator with InfiniBand HBA
D. iSCSI Fibre Channel HBA with TCP TOE software iSCSI initiator
E. softwareiSCSI initiator with NIC
Answer: A, E

Q: 7
What are characteristics of device specific module MPIO (DSM MPIO)? (Select two.)
A. DSM MPIO redirectsiSCSI communication to the least busy storage node.
B. DSM MPIO communication offers better performance than non-DSM MPIO communication.
C. DSM MPIO is available for all operating systems withiSCSI support.
D. DSM MPIO provides the servers with the data mapping of each node.
E. DSM MPIO provides a set of built-in data transport security features.
Answer: B, D

Q: 8
What is the recommended network latency on a multi-site SAN subnet?
A. below 2 ms
B. below 5 ms
C. below 9 ms
D. below 15 ms
Answer: A

Q: 9
A design consists of an HP P4000 SAN solution installed across four sites. How many servers running the central management console are required to manage the solution?
A. 8
B. 4
C. 2
D. 1
Answer: D

Q: 10
What is a major enhancement of SAN/iQ 8.5 over SAN/iQ 8.1?
A. Network RAID 1 and 10
B. Network RAID 5 and 6
C. application-managed snapshots
D. thin provisionedSmartClone
Answer: B

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