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HP HP0-J37 Exam -

Free HP0-J37 Sample Questions:

1. What is the benefit of HP StorageWorks XP for Data Exchange software?
A.allows data to be shared among heterogeneous disk arrays
B.shares data between mainframe and open systems servers
C.provides tape drive emulation and automated migration to physical tape devices
D.migrates data across different RAID levels
Answer: B

2. How many drive slots are reserved exclusively for spare disks in the XP24000 disk array?
Answer: B

3. When using HP StorageWorks XP Business Copy, what is the maximum number of secondary volumes that can be paired to a primary volume?
Answer: C

4. On the XP24000 initial release, which volume types can be used by HP StorageWorks XP Snapshot? (Select two.)
A.secondary volume
B.external volume
C.snap volume
D.external storage volume
E.primary volume
Answer: AE

5. You are using HP StorageWorks Business Copy XP to make a copy of a production volume for testing purposes. Your HP-UX server has the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) feature installed. Which restriction applies for the primary (P-VOL) and secondary (S-VOL) volumes?
A.When in the PAIR state, the host can write to the S-VOL.
B.When doing a reverse resync operation, the host can write to the P -VOL.
C.When the pairsplit operation is complete, the host can write to the S -VOL.
D.During a pair resync quick restore, the host can write to t he P-VOL.
Answer: C

6. What does an HP StorageWorks XP based solution provide that other HP storage offerings do not? (Select two.)
A.simple management with enterprise class features Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the largest number of operating systems of DAS-to-SAN migration
E.highest level of scalability
Answer: CE

7. What is a function of the XP Custom Volume feature?
A.splits the fixed-size volume to improve data access performance
B.splits a logical volume to improve data access performance
C.combines fixed-sized volumes to form a large volume to conserve space
D.combines array groups to form a large volume to conserve space
Answer: B

8. Which statement correctly describes HP StorageWorks External Storage XP?
A.The uptime of the total solution is increased by using any array as external storage.
B.Hosts connected to the XP can see the native type of external arrays.
C.Hosts and external storage can be connected to the XP through direct connect or a SAN.
D.Hosts and external storage can share port connections on the XP.
Answer: C

9. When creating a Business Copy pair on an XP20000, the operation reports an error. You check the status of both the primary volume (P-VOL) and secondary volume (S-VOL). In which state do both the P-VOL and the S-VOL need to be for this operation to be successful?
Answer: D

10. What does HP StorageWorks XP Thin Provisioning provide?
A.automatic addition of disk capacity to a provisioni ng pool
B.utilization of capacity in existing volumes
C.enhanced performance from a global pool of LDEVs allocation of physical disks across all array groups
Answer: C

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