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HP HP0-J36 Exam -

Free HP0-J36 Sample Questions:

1. Which statement about volumes is correct? (Select three.)
A. Volumes can be part of different clusters.
B. Each volume belongs to a single cluster.
C. For database applications, different volumes should be used for database files and log files.
D. Volumes in the same cluster must have the same replication level.
E. Volumes can be migrated to different clusters within the same management group.
F. Additional volumes require additional storage nodes in the cluster.
Answer: BCE

2. Where is RAID configured in HP LeftHand SAN solutions?
A. at the volume level
B. at the storage node level
C. at the cluster level
D. at the management group level
Answer: B

3. Which types of host bus adapters (HBA) can be used for the iSCSI protocol? (Select two.)
A. SW iSCSI initiator without a NIC (network interface card)
B. iSCSI HBA with TCP offload engine (TOE)
C. Fibre Channel HBA
D. NIC with SW iSCSI initiator
E. iSCSI HBA with TCP TOE SW iSCSI initiator
Answer: BD

4. Which statements about iSCSI are correct? (Select two.)
A. iSCSI does not offer any security features.
B. iSCSI installation is less complex than Fibre Channel installation.
C. iSCSI is only supported by Microsoft Windows operating systems.
D. iSCSI is available for the most common OS platforms.
E. iSCSI is a parallel data protocol.
Answer: BD

5. Which statement is true about the iSCSI initiator?
A. The iSCSI initiator is only active during read operations.
B. The iSCSI initiator represents the LUNs.
C. The iSCSI initiator resides on the host and connects to the targets.
D. The iSCSI initiator is a software package running on the host.
Answer: C

6. Which statements about HP LeftHand SAN replication levels are correct? (Select three.)
A. Copies are located on different clusters.
B. Redundant copies of blocks reside on different storage nodes.
C. Performance improves as the number of copies increases.
D. Up to four copies can be created.
E. The replication level is defined per storage node.
F. The replication level cannot exceed the number of storage nodes in the cluster.
Answer: BDF

7. What are typical examples of snapshot utilization? (Select three.)
A. replacement for traditional backups
B. protection against disk failures
C. protection against multiple hardware failures
D. protection against manual data deletion
E. file level restore without tape or backup software
F. source volumes for backup creation
Answer: DEF

8. Which statements about remote copy are correct? (Select two.)
A. Remote copy is always thin provisioned.
B. Remote copy can be synchronous and asynchronous.
C. Remote copy is an asynchronous replication of a volume.
D. Remote copies cannot be mounted.
E. Remote copy is asynchronous replication between different clusters only.
Answer: AC

9. for what are IP SANs best suited? (Select three.)
A. applications requiring minimum latency
B. environments that require Fibre Channel infrastructure
C. high availability environments
D. geographic disaster recovery
E. environments with existing Ethernet infrastructure
F. non-shared storage implementation
Answer: CDE

10. Which statement about Virtual IP Load Balancing (VIPLB) is correct?
A. VIPLB is part of the Windows Solution pack.
B. VIPLB is a software driver installed on the host.
C. VIPLB replaces the iSCSI redirect function.
D. VIPLB directs iSCSI communication to the least busy storage node in the cluster.
Answer: D

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