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HP HP0-J34 Exam -

Free HP0-J34 Sample Questions:

1. A customer has an MSA2324fc with dual controllers. What is required when adding an MSA70 drive enclosure to this configuration?
A. dual I/O modules on MSA controllers
B. a dual domain I/O module option
C. two additional miniSAS to miniSAS cables
D. a minimum of 16 dual-ported SAS drives
Answer: B

2. What are valid hardware capabilities of the MSA2000? (Select two.)
A. snapshots on MSA2000fc only
B. data replication between arrays
C. clones on any MSA2000
D. SAS backend bus
E. tri-port SATA drives for high availability
Answer: CD

3. In addition to using the WBI or CLI, how can you set the dat e and time on an MSA2324fc G2 solution?
A. by issuing the set controller-ntp enabled command through CLI
B. b y issuing the set controller-time command through CLI
C. automatically as soon as the first host is connected
D. b y configuring the system to use Network Time Protocol (NTP)
Answer: D

4. Which statement is true about the MSA Storage Management Utility?
A. It is only located on the master MSA controller module.
B. It resides on any server connected to the SAN.
C. It resides on the SAN management server.
D. It is located on either of the MSA controller modules.
Answer: D

5. The HP StorageWorks MSA2000 Family Storage Management Utility is used to manage which components?
A. drive modules and virtual disks
B. disk groups and virtual disks
C. master volumes and replication groups
D. pre-fetch cache and disks
Answer: A

6. Which array-head chassis for the MSA2000fc G2 has 24 drive bays?
A. large form factor chassis
B. medium form factor chassis
C. small form factor chassis
D. high density form factor chassis
Answer: C

7. Which key benefits does the MSA2012fc provide? (Select two.)
A. clone and snapshot capability
B. ability to mix disk drives of different sizes in a virtual RAID set without capacity loss
C. flexible drive types and sizes
D. controller-based replication capability
E. support for dual-ported SATA disk drives
Answer: AC

8. Which data protection capabilities does the MSA2012i array provide? (Select two.)
A. up to 255 snapshots
B. up to 255 volume copies
C. 128 volume copies
D. 128 snapshots
E. 64 volume copies
F. 64 snapshots
Answer: CF

9. Which MSA model allows you to connect to up to 64 hosts?
A. MSA2012sa
B. MSA2000i
C. MSA2000fc
D. MSA2000sa
Answer: C

10. Several different methods are used to protect data. One method uses snapshots. What is an ac curate description of a snapshot?
A. source independent physical image of a volume
B. logical copy of a volume on another controller
C. remote copy of a volume on another storage array
D. source dependent logical image of a volume
Answer: D

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