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HP HP0-J28 Exam -

Free HP0-J28 Sample Questions:

1. What is an advantage of using the automigration feature of virtual library systems?
A. The tapes are analyzed during backup to migrate all files. After the content is decoded, only those files are compared to the same files from the previous backup.
B. It leverages object-level differencing code with a design centered on performance and scalability.
C. The destination tapes are block-by-block copies of the source tapes and can easily be restored by any tape library to which the backup application has access.
D. It delivers fastest restores from recently backed up data, maintains the complete most recent copy of backup data, but eliminates duplicate data in previous backups.
Answer: C

2. When would you opt to use an HP Data Protector environment with Advanced Backup to Disk licensing with a virtual library system instead of a traditional backup-to-disk solution? (Select two.)
A. when you want to use target-based compression
B. when the environment consists mainly of LAN clients
C. when you want to use existing SAN storage or locally attached storage
D. when there are many SAN hosts writing to disk
E. when there are relatively few SAN hosts writing to disk
Answer: A, D

3. What do the HP StorageWorks Virtual Library System 6200/6600 appliances provide? (Select two.)
A. resiliency against a single MSA20 volume failure
B. support of up to two MSA20 disk enclosures at any time
C. online addition of physical storage capacity
D. fewer media failures due to the use of virtual media
E. performance enhancements for single file restores due to lower tape load and positioning/seek times
Answer: D, E

4. What are features and benefits of accelerated data deduplication? (Select two.)
A. delivers a platform with integrated data deduplication
B. uses hash-based chunking code with a design focused on compatibility and cost
C. leverages object-level differencing code
D. supports performance increase by adding nodes
E. provides pre-processing technology - data is first deduplicated and then compressed
Answer: C, D

5. What are benefits of storage pools in a virtual library? (Select two.)
A. Storage pools keep specific backup data physically separate from other backup data.
B. Multiple pools minimize the impact of a catastrophic array failure.\
C. The virtual library can automatically balance backup jobs over multiple storage pools.
D. The user can easily optimize the performance on each storage pool.
E. Maintenance is easier on a system with multiple storage pools.
Answer: A, B

6. In terms of performance, why are disk based backup solutions, such as virtual libraries, better than tape based storage when backing up many small files?
A. They store each file automatically on another disk in the array, allowing for multiple simultaneous streams.
B. They do not have to create and maintain an index for each file.
C. They can keep streaming when physical tape drives have to go into start/stop mode.
D. They are linear writing devices, always streaming the files to disk.
Answer: C

7. A customer has a VLS6636 with 500GB disk drives. What must be done when upgrading to 750GB disk drives? (Select two.)
A. Insert the drives on at a time; the upgrade is non-disruptive.
B. Purchase and install one additional capacity license per shelf of 750GB disk drives.
C. Ensure the MSA firmware is at version 2.02 or later and the virtual library software version is at 1.8.0 or later.
D. Back up the current virtual cartridges to tape using the tape copy feature of the backup application.
E. Install disk drives in pairs, up to a maximum of 12 per disk shelf.
Answer: B, D

8. What can be used to initially configure the VLS IP settings in a network without DHCP? (Select two.)
A. the system’s default IP address
B. a secure shell session
C. the VLS discovery utility
D. the graphical user interface through the Command View TL connection
E. the command line interface through the locally attached keyboard and monitor
Answer: C, E

9. Which processes power on a VLS9000? (Select two.)
A. Turn on the left power switch at the rear of each array enclosure, then the right power switch.
B. Power on all nodes and then power on the disk arrays.
C. Power on the base disk array enclosure last.
D. Simultaneously power on all arrays in the virtual library.
E. Power on one array enclosure at a time to avoid overloading the AC power source.
Answer: C, E

10. What are login procedure steps on a VLS9000 when the passwords of the enabled accounts have been lost? (Select three.)
A. Enter the default password admin.
B. Establish a CLI session using a terminal emulation program, such as Windows Hyperterminal, and enter emergency as username.
C. Open a secure shell session to the VLS using a secure shell program and enter administrator as username.
D. Connect a PC or workstation to the serial connector on the rear of node 0 of the VLS using the null-modem (serial) cable provided.
E. Enter the default password repair.
F. Establish a CLI session using a terminal emulation program, such as Windows Hyperterminal, and enter administrator as username.
G. Open a secure shell session to the VLS using a secure shell program and enter emergency as username.
Answer: B, D, E

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