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HP HP0-J25 Exam -

Free HP0-J25 Sample Questions:

1. What is the configuration rule regarding FATA disks and high-performance disks in an EVA4400?
A. They can be mixed in the same shelf.
B. They can be mixed within the same disk group.
C. One high-performance disk per shelf is required.
D. Bays must be configured to support FATA drives.
Answer: A

2. How many global spares can you designate for an MSA2012fc storage system?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: D

3. What is the status of the battery LED when the HSV300 controller cache is powered by the batteries?
A. solid green
B. solid amber
C. flashing amber
D. fast flashing green
Answer: C

4. Which disk drive types are supported in the EVA4400 M6412 enclosure? (Select two.)
E. Fibre Channel
Answer: C, E

5. How can an EVA4400 be integrated into an iSCSI environment?
A. by using a Fibre Channel to iSCSI gateway
B. by setting the host port characteristic to iSCSI mode
C. by replacing the Fibre Channel SFPs with iSCSI SFPs
D. by enabling iSCSI communication on the Ethernet port of the Management Module
Answer: A

6. What is the purpose of SmartStart EVA?
A. simplify EVA installation
B. optimize storage utilization
C. manage an EVA without Command View EVA
D. provide a wizard-based management tool for Business Copy operations
Answer: A

7. What does MPIO do if the Device Specific Module (DSM) returns an inactive path?
A. initiates a path failover
B. performs an automatic path verification
C. removes the path from the load balancing policy
D. changes the storage LUN to write-through mode
Answer: A

8. Which component enables access to block storage on a Fibre Channel SAN across an Ethernet network?
A. Ethernet Switch
B. Fibre Channel Switch
C. FC-IP gateway connector
D. iSCSI to Fibre Channel bridge
Answer: D

9. Which EVA process distributes all data contained in the virtual disks across all physical disks in the disk group?
A. load balancing
B. disk group leveling
C. virtual disk leveling
D. distributed virtual RAID
Answer: B

10. Which statement is correct about World Wide Names (WWN) on an EVA?
A. A unique WWN must be assigned to the controller pair.
B. A unique WWN must be assigned to each controller in a controller pair.
C. During fabric login, a unique WWN is automatically assigned to the EVA.
D. To support data replication, a unique WWN must be assigned to each LUN.
Answer: A

11. Which communication link is used to synchronize the write cache of the two EVA4400 controllers?
A. host ports
B. device loop pair
C. internal link (mid plane)
D. external link cable (mirror ports)
Answer: C

12. Which components are redundant in the controller shelf of an EVA4400?
A. Riser Cards
B. controller fans
C. cache batteries
D. Management Modules
Answer: B

13. How are the HSV300 controllers connected to the cache batteries?
A. Controllers share the batteries.
B. Controllers can be configured to use battery 1 or 2.
C. Controller 1 uses battery 1, and controller 2 uses battery 2.
D. Controller 1 uses battery 2, and controller 2 uses battery 1.
Answer: D

14. What is the function of an EVA4400 Management Module?
A. boots the storage controller
B. hosts the web-based OCP for both controllers
C. accesses the I/O module for inbound management
D. links the system to the remote diagnostic center ISSE
Answer: B

15. What is a function of the Riser Card of an EVA4400?
A. links the two controllers
B. provides the system name
C. connects the Management Module to the mid plane
D. connects the Management Module to the master controller
Answer: C

16. How do you access the virtual OCP of an EVA4400?
A. You connect an Ethernet cable to the Management Module and use a Web browser.
B. You use a serial line cable to connect to the Management Module and use Hyperterminal.
C. You use a serial line cable to connect to one of the two controllers and use Hyperterminal.
D. You connect an Ethernet cable to the Management Module and use Command View EVA.
Answer: A

17. How are the shelf IDs assigned to the EVA4400 M6412 drive shelves?
A. manually
B. randomly
C. from bottom to top
D. from top to bottom
Answer: B

18. Which communication path transfers environmental information from the drive shelves to the HSV300 controllers?
A. serial link
B. cabinet bus
C. Ethernet link
D. Fibre Channel loop
Answer: D

19. How are the drive bays numbered in an EVA4400?
A. randomly
B. top to bottom and left to right
C. left to right and top to bottom
D. in the order in which the drives are plugged
Answer: B

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