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HP HP0-J22 Exam -

Free HP0-J22 Sample Questions:

1. Which VLS6000 feature allows data movement to a physical library or another virtual library system?
A. Automigration
B. Virtual Tape Device Mirroring
C. Virtual Cartridge Copy
D. Deduplication
Answer: A

2. Which HP document provides current configuration rules for HP storage connectivity in a SAN environment?
A. San Visibility Tool
B. SAN Design Reference Guide
C. EBS Compatibility Matrix
D. Quick Specs
Answer: B

3. You are designing a backup solution for an Enterprise customer. Which ratio between host feed speed and tape write speed is required for optimal performance in compressed mode?
A. 1:1
B. 2:1
C. 3:1
D. 4:1
Answer: C

4. When must a customer use HP StorageWorks Command View XP Advanced Edition over Remote Web Console XP?
A. for CLI based array management
B. for centralized management for multiple XP arrays
C. for Business Copy XP management
D. for simple LUN management
Answer: B

5. Which statement is correct about Remote Web Console?
A. It can manage all XP firmware based software.
B. It can provide centralized management of multiple XP arrays.
C. Licensing is tier based on a per TB basis.
D. It provides SAN level management.
Answer: A

6. Which HP Storage Essentials SRM plug-ins are available for the Enterprise Edition, but not for Standard Edition? (Select three.)
A. Report Designer
B. Backup Manager
C. Provisioning Manager
D. NAS Manager
E. Database Viewer
F. Chargeback Manager
Answer: A, C, F

7. What is the term of a configuration where failure of a single component does not cause failure of the entire system?
A. hot-swappable
C. high availability
Answer: B

8. You are proposing an HP Storage Essentials SRM Enterprise Edition solution for a customer environment using only Oracle databases. You have decided to design a single server deployment. What is another term for this configuration?
A. shared
B. dedicated
C. mixed
D. isolated
Answer: A

9. A customer is concerned about growth of the company’s HP Data Protector Software database. Which tool will address this concern?
A. HP StorageWorks sizing tool
B. HP Data Protector database sizer
C. Database Configuration Worksheet
D. Capacity Planning Spreadsheet
Answer: D

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