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HP HP0-J11 Exam -

Free HP0-J11 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 You are planning a Continuous Access EVA solution for a customer with high availability requirements. What is the HP recommended placement of management servers in this environment? (Select two.)
A. two at the source site
B. one at the source site
C. one at the destination site
D. two at the destination site
Answer: A, D

Q: 2 You are designing a Continuous Access EVA solution for a customer's environment containing an EVA3000 and a new EVA4000. Your customer wants to create snapshots of Vdisks which are members of a DR group. What is the maximum number of snapshots per DR group in this environment?
A. 7
B. 8
C. 16
D. 12
Answer: C

Q: 3 Which tool is required when using local replication with an active Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database?
A. SQL Snap-In
B. MSSQL Admin Tool
C. Replication Solution Manager (RSM)
D. StorageWorks DButil (Database Utility)
Answer: D

Q: 4 What is the maximum distance configuration for Continuous Access EVA over fibre using long distance SFP at 4 Gb/s?
A. 10km
B. 35km
C. 300m
D. 500m
E. 100km
Answer: A

Q: 5 What is the maximum distance configuration for Continuous Access EVA over fibre at 2 Gb/s?
A. 10 km
B. 35 km
C. 300 m
D. 500 m
E. 100 km
Answer: B

Q: 6 How many mirrorclones can be created per source?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 5
D. 7
Answer: A

Q: 7 Which disk-group is recommended by HP for a log disk when running a data replication group in synchronous or standard asynchronous mode?
A. online disk group
B. near-online disk group if available
C. same disk group as 51% of the copy sets
D. disk group with the lowest copy set percentage
Answer: B

Q: 8 For which purpose is it acceptable to use an existing network in a Continuous Access EVA FC-IP solution?
A. small application services
B. one-time movement of data
C. cost reduction for the CA solution
D. minimizing management overhead
Answer: B

Q: 9 What happens by default when a copy set is deleted?
A. The source and destination Vdisks are destroyed.
B. The source and destination Vdisks are preserved.
C. Only the source Vdisk is preserved; the destination Vdisk is destroyed.
D. Only the destination Vdisk is preserved; the source Vdisk is destroyed.
Answer: B

Q: 10 The suspend command is issued against which resource?
A. Copy sets
B. Source Vdisk
C. Managed sets
D. Destination Vdisks
E. Data replication groups
Answer: E

Q: 11 You want to test a failover in a Continuous Access EVA environment. To which data replication groups do you have to perform a failover command?
A. either source or destination
B. the destination replication group
C. the source data replication group
D. in bi-directional environments on both source and destination at the same time
Answer: B

Q: 12 You are on a customer's site to perform a planned downtime. Which Continuous Access EVA entities can perform a fail-over? (Select two.)
A. Copy set
B. Disk Group
C. Vdisk family
D. Managed set
E. Data replication group
Answer: D, E

Q: 13 Which HP Warranty and Service is included in Continuous Access EVA by default?
A. Three years HP Software Support 24x7
B. One year HP Software Support 24x7
C. Three years HP Software Support 13x5
D. One year HP Software Support Next Business Day
E. Three years HP Software Support Next Business Day
Answer: B

Q: 14 For which strategy is disaster planning a factor of critical importance?
A. Business Agility
B. Adaptive Enterprise
C. Business Continuity
D. Adaptive Resource Management
Answer: C

Q: 15 What is the Continuous Access EVA license based on?
A. one license per storage array based on installed capacity
B. amount of replicated storage capacity of the source array
C. amount of replicated storage capacity of the destination array
D. amount of relicated storage capacity of source and destination arrays
Answer: D

Q: 16 You are implementing an HP Continuous Access EVA solution in a customer's HP-UX IT-environment. Which HP product should you recommend for business continuity?
A. HP Business Continuity Suite HP-UX
B. HP StorageWorks Continuity Cluster UX
C. HP StorageWorks Cluster Extension EVA
D. HP-UX Metrocluster Continuous Access EVA
Answer: D

Q: 17 You are integrating an EVA Continuous Access and Business Copy environment on a customer's site. This customer uses HP Data Protector for backup. Which Data Protector module provides a seamless integration of Business Copy into the backup environment? (Select two.)
A. Direct Backup
B. Instant Recovery
C. Business Copy Backup
D. Advanced Backup-to-Disk
E. Zero Downtime Backup EVA
Answer: B, E

Q: 18 What action is performed after initiating a resume command?
A. Host I/O is resumed after a suspend command was initiated.
B. A logging operation starts after a suspend command was initiated.
C. A merge operation is started after a suspend command was initiated.
D. A normalization process starts after a loss of access to the destination.
Answer: C

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