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HP HP0-D09 Exam -

Free HP0-D09 Sample Questions:

1.What can enabling "iLO event pass-thru" for event monitoring do?
A. increase workload for the iLO
B. enable iLO event collection by the OS of the server
C. duplicate the events generated for a server
D. enable OA to collect all iLO events in a single log
Answer: C

2.What must be configured or changed in order to enable automated rehosting of virtual or physical servers in the Converged Infrastructure environment .?
A. resource thresholds
B. storage capacity watermark
C. virtual swap memory setting
D. swap file storage location
Answer: A

3.Which elements are required for building a disaster recovery solution using HP Matrix OE, if HP BladeSystem and HP EVA are already installed? (Select three.)
A. HP Insight Recovery Management
B. HP Application Recovery Manager
C. HP Business Copy EVA
D. HP Replication Solutions Manager EVA
E. HP Continuous Access EVA
Answer: A, D, E

4.What does the Central Management Server (CMS) use to initiate and broker the migration process that is required for Insight Control server migration capability?
B. HPoncfg
Answer: D

5.Which HP product delivers scale out, excellent performance, and a modular storage infrastructure?
A. HP EVA 6400
B. HP P410i
C. HP P2000 MSA
D. HP X9000
Answer: D

6.How is Dynamic Power Capping achieved?
A. by disabling cores of a processor when a cap is reached
B. by raising the p-state of a processor when a cap is reached
C. by increasing the clock-cycle of a processor when a cap is reached
D. by lowering the p-state of a processor when a cap is reached
Answer: D

7.Click the Exhibit button.
(Exhibit is not available in this demo)
The customer sees that the Simulate button for the Room 44L Chiller 1 failure rule is disabled in the Insight Control Data Center Power Control screen. What should you do to enable the simulate function for the Room 44L Chiller 1 failure rule?
A. You should copy this rule to a new rule and click on the Simulate button for the new rule.
B. You should edit the rule and mark the Ready for Use button.
C. A rule with the status Not Ready for Use must be at the bottom of the rule list. Therefore, you must use the down arrow button to move the rule to the bottom of the list.
D. The rule has been simulated before and failed the simulation. Therefore, you must edit the rule, remove the errors, and then simulate the rule again.
Answer: B

8.An engineer is installing BL460 G7 Server Blades and Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules in a c7000 as part of an HP Converged Infrastructure solution. Which external ports can be used for Fibre Channel connectivity?
A. the first 2 ports
B. the last 2 ports
C. the first 4 ports
D. the last 4 ports
Answer: C

9.A feature of HP Insight Control Virtual Machine Management minimizes downtime by performing which function?
A. relocating virtual machines before hardware failures occur
B. relocating virtual machines after hardware failures occur
C. relocating hosts before hardware failures occur
D. relocating hosts after hardware failures occur
Answer: A

10.You have completed installing a number of Virtual Connect (VC) based enclosure installations and want to capture the most recent enclosure and VC information of all the enclosures. What is the quickest way to do this?
A. Connect to the Onboard Administrator GUI and capture an enclosure inventory, then connect to Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) via SSH and collect a 'show all' output.
B. Use the Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU) with the 'collect' option.
C. Use VCSU with the 'healthcheck' option.
D. Connect to the Onboard Administrator GUI and capture an enclosure inventory, then connect to Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) via Telnet and collect a 'show all' output.
Answer: B

11.In a BladeSystem Matrix environment, your logical servers are running low on usable storage capacity. What can you do on the HP StorageWorks EVA4400 SAN array that was attached to t he matrix enclosure? (Select two.)
A. Add additional disk drives and disk enclosure if needed.
B. Change the disk failure protection level to double on the EVA4400.
C. Group new disk drives into the existing disk group.
D. Increase the storage raw capacity by joining two or more units of EVA4400 with the MPX200 router.
E. Change the vRAID level of the virtual disk from level 5 to level 1.
Answer: A, C

12.When using Insight Control Performance Management and viewing a server availability report, what does %Minor indicate?
A. percentage of time that a server is up and available for monitoring
B. percentage of overall performance that might be approaching a bottleneck condition
C. percentage of overall performance that is in a bottleneck condition
D. percentage of overall performance that is satisfactory with no impending or existing bottleneck condition
Answer: B

13.You add new server blades to chassis managed by Matrix OE. What can you use to perform initial deployment of VMware hypervisor hosts?
A. IO templates
B. IO servers
C. Insight Control deployment jobs
D. VMware vCenter templates
Answer: C

14.A current multi-enclosure Virtual Connect (VC) domain contains four BladeSystem enclosures cabled together for a single VC domain. An additional BladeSystem enclosure needs to be added to the environment.What will provide an optimized and fault tolerant configuration with room for future expansion?
A. adding the additional BladeSystem enclosure to the current VC domain and configuring in Virtual Connect Manager
B. creating a secondary VC domain with the new BladeSystem enclosure and configuring in Virtual Connect SmartStart Manager
C. splitting the current VC domain into two separate VC domains and adding the new BladeSystem enclosure into one of the newly created VC domains
D. adding the additional BladeSystem enclosure to the current VC domain and upgrading to Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager to manage more enclosures in the domain
Answer: C

15.Which functions does HP SIM provide? (Select three.)
A. continuous device monitoring
B. HP systems software update and tracking
C. server deployment
D. inventory reporting
E. migration of old servers to new ProLiant, maintaining operating system, configuration, and data
Answer: A, B, D

16.Which tool can you use to configure a shared data store for VMware hypervisor cluster?
A. VMware vCenter server
B. VMware hypervisor host profile
C. IO storage pool entry
D. Insight Control for VMware vCenter server
Answer: A

17.Which HP Power Regulator setting allows reduced power consumption with little or no impact to performance?
A. Static Low Power mode
B. Static High Performance mode
C. Dynamic Power Savings mode
D. OS Control mode
Answer: C

18.Which tool is appropriate to use to forecast workload memory utilization for future provisioning?
A. HP Software Operations Orchestration
B. HP Matrix OE Capacity Planning
C. HP Insight Installation Advisor
D. HP System Management Home Page
Answer: B

19.Your customer has a Converged Networking solution with an HP Virtual Connect and Physical Instance enabled network card. The customer asks you to change the vMotion network speed. What should you do to accomplish this?
A. Change the Required Network Speed within a local VMware Console
B. Change the Required Speed with VMware vSphere client
C. Change the Required Network Speed within Virtual Connect Manager
D. Change the Required Network Speed using Onboard Administrator GUI
Answer: C

20.Which virtualization technique does not need to trap and translate all privileged layer instructions between the guest OS and the actual server hardware?
A. binary translation
B. paravirtualization
C. hosted OS, application-layer abstraction
D. hardware-assisted virtualization
Answer: B

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