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HP HP0-D05 Exam -

Free HP0-D05 Sample Questions:

1. In addition to CPU and memory utilization, which type of data does Capacity Advisor gather?
A. user load data
B. disk I/O data
C. cell partition data
D. system error data
Answer: B

2. What is the name of the connection broker technology included in the VMware product offering for desktop virtualization and virtual desktop management?
A. Session Allocation Manager (SAM)
B. Desktop Delivery Controller (DDC)
C. View Manager
D. vWorkspace
Answer: C

3. Which software-layer abstraction of the server hardware allows the guest operating system to be aware of its virtualized host (hypervisor)?
A. CPU binary translation
B. hosted OS, application-layer abstraction
C. paravirtualization
D. hardware-assisted virtualization (full virtualization)
Answer: C

4. Which virtualization product uses paravirtualization?
A. Citrix XenServer
B. Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2
C. Virtual Iron
D. VMware ESX 3.5
Answer: A

5. Which virtualization products use hosted-OS, application-layer abstraction? (Select two.)
A. Citrix XenServer
B. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
C. Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2
D. VMware Server
E. VMware ESX
Answer: CD

6. Which virtualization products use hardware-assisted virtualization (full virtualization)? (Select three.)
A. Citrix XenServer
B. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
C. Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V
D. VMware Server
E. VMware vSphere
Answer: ACE

7. Which flexible Virtual Server 2005 clustering scenario provides high availability for mission critical environments while improving patching and hardware maintenance processes? (Select two.)
A. guest to guest: Cluster guest to guest across virtual machines with iSCSI
B. host to host: Cluster all virtual machines running on a host
C. guest to host: Cluster guest to host across physical machines with iSCSI
D. host to guest: Cluster all virtual machines running on distributed hosts
E. guest to guest: Cluster guest to guest across virtual machines running on SCSI connected hosts
Answer: AB

8. Which virtualized guests does Red Hat Enterprise Linux support? (Select two.)
A. paravirtualized
B. platform virtualization
C. network virtualization
D. full virtualization
E. emulated virtualization
Answer: AD

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