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HP HP0-891 Exam -

Free HP0-891 Sample Questions:

1. On an XP1024 array, what is the maximum number of DKUs that can be supported on a single ACP pair?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
Answer: B

2. Which three numbers are valid volume definitions with an XP array? (Choose three.)
A. 00:01
B. ff:256
C. 64:FF
D. 06:0C
E. 00:00
Answer: ADE

3. A LUN is seen by a SUN host, but is unable to be written to.
What might cause this?
A. LDEV is in the wrong CU table.
B. The command device is not configured.
C. The WWN in Secure Manager is incorrect.
D. The incorrect host mode is set in the host group.
Answer: D

4. Which generation of HP's use of Hitachi technology is the XP1024?
A. first
B. second
C. third
D. fourth
Answer: C

5. Hitachi Ltd. of Japan has an OEM relationship (as it relates to XP array technology) with _____.
A. HP only
B. HDS and HP only
C. Sun Microsystems and HP only
D. Sun Microsystems, HDS, and HP
Answer: A

6. What is the maximum raw capacity of an HP StorageWorks XP128 disk array subsystem in a cabinet using 146 GB disk drives?
A. 9.3 TB
B. 12 TB
C. 18 TB
D. 149 TB
Answer: C

7. When expanding the XP1024 capacity, which three statements are true about scalability? (Choose three.)
A. It can contain four ACP pairs.
B. It can be expanded to six DKU cabinets.
C. It can be expanded optimizing performance or cost.
D. R2 is added to optimize performance rather than an L1.
E. Mixed drive sizes can be installed in existing DKUs.
Answer: ACE

8. Which software provides asynchronous real-time data mirroring for disaster recovery?
A. Business Copy XP
B. Auto Path XP
C. Secure Manager XP
D. Continuous Access XP
E. Continuous Access XP Extension
Answer: E

9. Which statement is true about Performance Advisor XP?
A. It automatically tunes performance over a 24 hour period of time.
B. It has the ability to set and relax host priorities by performance policies.
C. It allows for intelligent allocations of array resources for service-level oriented deployment.
D. It collects data on a real-time basis, and displays current performance patterns.
Answer: D

10. Which software allows XP disk array resources to be allocated to hosts by setting performance limits on a daily schedule?
B. Command View XP
C. Resource Manager XP
D. Performance Advisor XP
E. Application Policy Manager XP
Answer: E

11. Which software can be used to speed up access of mission critical information on heavily accessed LUNS, such as database logs or index files?
A. CacheLUN XP
B. CommandView XP
C. Performance Advisor XP
D. Application Policy Manager XP
Answer: A

12. Which software provides automatic monitoring and workload balancing by moving frequently accessed data to underused volumes?
B. Data Exchange XP
C. Resource Manager XP
D. Performance Advisor XP
E. Application Policy Manager XP
Answer: A

13. A customer requires 24x7x365 uptime.
Which two statements describe upgrading the XP1024 microcode without losing host connectivity or I/O? (Choose two.)
A. Dual paths to the XP are necessary.
B. This cannot be done. The host(s) must go offline.
C. Auto Path or Secure Path failover software must be used.
D. The microcode must be updated in regions so the ports never go offline.
E. The CHIP ports will be offline for such a short duration that there will be no SCSI timeouts.
Answer: AC

14. Which software product provides automatic protection against HBA failures?
A. Secure Path XP
B. Cluster Extension XP
C. Application Policy Manager XP
D. LUN Configuration and Security Manager XP
Answer: A

15. Which software licensing is based on total raw capacity of the array?
A. Business Copy XP
B. Performance Advisor XP
C. Continuous Access XP Extension
D. LUN Configuration and Security Manager XP
Answer: D

16. A customer needs to mirror 1 TB to 1 TB using Business Copy.
Which size of license needs to be purchased?
A. 1 TB
B. 2 TB
C. based on raw array capacity
D. not capacity based (single fixed fee)
Answer: B

17. Which software product is set up as a "no charge" standalone product and is required for host control of Continuous Access XP and Business Copy XP ?
A. RAID Manager XP
B. Command View XP
C. Performance Advisor XP
D. LUN Configuration and Secure Manager XP
Answer: A

18. Which component connects to the physical disk drives of an XP disk array?
Answer: C

19. Which component provides the laptop interface to configure an XP1024?
Answer: B

20. How many ACP pairs are required for RAID 0/1 (4D+4P)?
A. one
B. two
C. four
D. one or two
Answer: D

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