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HP HP0-821 Exam -

Free HP0-821 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 You need to troubleshoot an HP Data Protector Software and Microsoft SQL Server integration and are unsure about the configuration state. Which CLI command can be used to check if the configuration is correct?
A. sqlconf -status
B. sql_bar -chkconf
C. sql_smb -status
D. omnicheck -sqlconfig
Answer: B

Q: 2 Which database integration uses the Virtual Device Interface (VDI) to allow faster backups and restores in HP Data Protector Software?
A. Oracle
B. Sybase
C. SAP R/3
D. Microsoft SQL Server
Answer: D

Q: 3 Which pre-configuration task is required to perform a file system backup of a database?
A. installation of an online integration
B. execution of a shut-down script
C. setting the database to archive mode
D. installation of a Media Agent on the database
Answer: B

Q: 4 What are functions of the omnisap.exe program in SAP R/3 integrations with HP Data Protector Software? (Select two.)
A. starts the SAP R/3 backup utilities
B. configures the SAP R/3 integration
C. controls backup or restore streams
D. exports appropriate environment variables
E. creates the omnisap share on the SAP/R3 server
Answer: A, D

Q: 5 What can you use to back up the SAP/R3 binaries for disaster recovery in an HP Data Protector Software integration with an Oracle database?
B. SAP/R3 SAPDR tool
C. SAP/R3 BRBACKUP utility
D. HP Data Protector Software UMA
Answer: C

Q: 6 Why should you have a copy of the database control files?
A. They contain the database file structure.
B. They contain the database access information.
C. They enable automatic recovery of the database.
D. They enable you to access the archived database log files.
Answer: A

Q: 7 What is the device concurrency used for Microsoft SQL Server backups?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: A

Q: 8 How can you improve the reliability of backed up data?
A. Use a minimum concurrency of 2 for the backup.
B. Enable the log all option for the datalist configuration.
C. Use Third Mirror Break Off technology for the backup.
D. Enable cyclic redundancy check on the backup device.
Answer: D

Q: 9 What must you install to use controller replication in HP Data Protector Software (for example, in the EVA)?
A. omnisnapvol utility on the agent system
B. SMI-S integration on the HP Data Protector Software server
C. a Fibre Channel HBA and API on the HP Data Protector Software server
D. appropriate storage management software on the HP Data Protector Software server
Answer: B

Q: 10 How can you back up the init.ora and password files of an Oracle database in an HP Data Protector Software integration?
A. Run a database full backup.
B. Back up the current control file.
C. Perform an RMAN online backup.
D. Perform an HP Data Protector Software filesystem backup.
Answer: D

Q: 11 What can be used to integrate HP-UX 11iv2 system events into HP Systems Insight Manager?
B. IPv6
Answer: D

Q: 12 Which recovery files are backed up in the flash recovery area in Oracle 10g or higher environments? (Select three.)
A. flashback logs
B. online redo logs
C. control file copies
D. current control file
E. archived redo logs
F. full and incremental backup sets
Answer: C, E, F

Q: 13 What must you be aware of when restoring and recovering an Oracle database on a UNIX server system?
A. Proxy copy must be enabled when performing a recovery only.
B. Concurrent restore data streams are limited to 1 when using tape drives.
C. User and group definitions must be the same as defined in the backup ownership.
D. Parallel restore streams must be set individually when using a proxy-copy ZDB session.
Answer: C

Q: 14 What is a feature of HP Data Protector Software when using an Oracle database integration?
A. Online backups are performed every hour by default.
B. It backs up the recovery catalog database by default.
C. It sets the Oracle database automatically in archive mode.
D. It backs up archive logs automatically on disk devices if available.
Answer: B

Q: 15 You are troubleshooting the Microsoft SQL interaction with HP Data Protector Software. The integration is configured correctly, but all database backups fail after a timeout with security error messages. What is the most probable cause?
A. SqlAdmin service is using the default login password.
B. The SQL administrator is not the same as the HP Data Protector Software administrator.
C. SQL backup permissions are not configured for the HP Data Protector Software user account.
D. SQL Server and HP Data Protector Software Inet services are running under different accounts.
Answer: D

Q: 16 What is the recommended block size for fast direct mode?
A. 58 kB
B. 64 kB
C. 68 kB
D. 132 kB
Answer: C

Q: 17 What must be done to the Oracle recovery catalog database before it can be backed up by HP Data Protector Software?
A. Disable and purge it.
B. Export it to a binary file.
C. Copy it to a temporary location.
D. Dismount it and put into backup mode.
Answer: B

Q: 18 A customer running Oracle Data Guard in a 24x7 environment is concerned about HP Data Protector Software error management and wants to get an e-mail when an error occurs.
Which error communication method is most suitable?
A. reporting
B. notification
C. event log trigger
D. HP Data Protector Software Oracle Monitor
Answer: B

Q: 19 After removing an Oracle integration in HP Data Protector Software, what must you do to ensure that the Oracle server software functions correctly?
A. Enable Oracle stand alone backup in the ora.ini file.
B. Uninstall Oracle and reinstall it using the secure install method.
C. Rebuild the Oracle binary to remove the link to the HP Data Protector Software Database Library.
D. Reinstall the Oracle shell to disable the link to the HP Data Protector Software Cell Manager console.
Answer: C

Q: 20 How can you verify access to the recovery catalog in an Oracle integration?
A. oradb_smb -catalog
B. recovery_log -sqlrc
C. oradblog_bar -recovery
D. rman catalog <Recovery_Catalog_Login>
Answer: D

Q: 21 You are troubleshooting suspected Oracle and HP Data Protector Software internal data transfer issues using the testbar2 utility. How do you display the output in the HP Data Protector Software GUI?
A. by creating a report on the testbar2 output
B. in the Event Log in the Reporting context
C. in the Monitor context using the Details button
D. in the Reporting context using the Reports button
Answer: C

Q: 22 Which HP Data Protector Software command can you use to delete and re-create a failed Microsoft Exchange Server configuration?
A. mrgcfg
B. mbx_bar
C. omnimsutil
D. omni_ese_util
Answer: B
Q: 23 When using ISEE on an HP-UX server, how can the ISEE client be started or stopped?
A. /opt/hpisee/bin/
B. /sbin/init.d/hpservices [start / stop]
C. /sbin/init.d/isee.client [start / stop]
D. /sbin/init.d/ems_proactive [start / stop]
Answer: B

Q: 24 Where does HP Data Protector Software determine the Oracle login information for the recovery catalog on UNIX systems?
A. Oracle RMAN file
B. init.ora configuration file
C. HP Data Protector Software userlist file
D. HP Data Protector Software Oracle configuration files
Answer: D

Q: 25 You create backup specifications in a large Microsoft SQL Server environment with both local and remote devices available. What is the recommended method to improve the backup performance?
A. Use separate backup specifications for local and remote devices.
B. Use only one object per local device and per backup specification.
C. Create backup specifications for transaction logs using remote devices only.
D. Use a mix of local and remote devices spread evenly across all specifications.
Answer: A

Q: 26 Which utilities can be used to perform a consistency check of a Microsoft Exchange database for preventive maintenance purposes? (Select two.)
A. ccfile
B. eseutil
C. esefile
D. esedbmaint
E. esecheckdb
Answer: B, C

Q: 27 How can you recover an Oracle recovery catalog database?
A. Use RMAN.
B. Perform a Disk Agent offline restore.
C. Use the BACKINT RESTORE command.
D. Perform an online Integration Agent restore.
Answer: A

Q: 28 There is an Oracle restore problem that you cannot resolve from the HP Data Protector Software GUI. What else can be used to resolve the issue?
B. ora_bar -restore
C. omnir -ora_recover
Answer: A

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