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HP HP0-797 Exam -

Free HP0-797 Sample Questions:

1.The ProLiant Essentials Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack integrates with which HP product?
A: Rapid Deployment Pack
B: Systems Insight Manager
C: Workload Management Pack
D: Integrated Administrator
Answer: B

2.Where would you insert the /3GB switch setting to take advantage of 3GB of RAM for your applications on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server?
A: Windows Registry
B: System Control Panel applet
C: Boot.ini
D: Autoexec.nt
Answer: C

3.In order to minimize performance degradation to the end user community in the event of a disk failure in an array, what can be done to increase performance?
A: Use the ACU to change the Rebuild priority to high.
B: Update the Smart Controller firmware.
C: Use ORCA to change the Rebuild priority to low.
D: Use the ACU to change the Rebuild priority to low.
E: Use ORCA to change the Rebuild priority to high.
Answer: D

4.In Linux, which command will show the system IRQ assignments and the devices that are using those IRQs?
A: cat/proc/ioports
B: cat/proc/bus
C: cat/proc/devices
D: cat/proc/interrupts
Answer: D

5.A customer using blade servers and Rapid Deployment Pack wants the blades to be processed automatically when they are discovered by the Deployment Console. Where can this be configured?
A: Altiris client agent properties
B: New Computers group properties
C: PXE Configuration Utility
D: Bootworks
Answer: C

6.A customer has a ProLiant Server that is crashing with a Windows blue screen error. While Windows is writing a complete memory dump the server is automatically rebooting which is corrupting the memory dump. How does the customer stop the server from automatically rebooting to enable Windows to finish writing the memory dump?
A: Disable Automatic Server Recovery (ASR).
B: Enable Automatic Server Recovery (ASR).
C: Disable HP Systems Insight Manager.
D: Disable Rack and Power Manager.
Answer: A

7.You have extended a logical drive using the Array Configuratgion Utility. Which Windows 2003 utility should you use to extend the partition of a basic disk in windows?
A: Disk Management
B: HP Online Volume Growth
C: Storage MMC
D: Fdisk
Answer: B

8.Your customer has an application that runs on the same server as his SQL Server. He suspects the application of leaking memory but needs to keep the application on the SQL Server. Which HP tool can you recommend to help prevent a memory leaking application from stealing precious SQL Server memory resources?
A: Use VMware to create two virtual machines on the server, one for SQL and one for the rogue application.
B: Use Resource Partitioning Manager (RPM) to isolate the application and limit the resources available to it.
C: Use AWE Enable on the SQL Server to protect the memory allocated to the SQL Server application.
D: Use HP Systems Insight Manager to identify the overburdened subsystem and flush the memory registers.
Answer: B

9.Which statement is correct regarding clusters connected to an MSA1000 ?
A: You must enable Selective Storage Presentation (SSP) when you have a 2-node cluster.
B: You must disable Selective Storage Presentation (SSP) when you have a 2-node cluster.
C: You must enable Selective Storage Presentation (SSP) when you have more than 1 cluster set.
D: You must disable Selective Storage Presentation (SSP) when you have more than 1 cluster set.
Answer: C

10.After installing the HP Insight Agents on a HP ProLiant server, you launch the server??s web agents home page. Why does the page not display the subsystem information?
A: The Insight Agents may not have been started.
B: The IIS server service has not been started.
C: The SNMP community string is not properly configured.
D: The Local Administrator account does not have the necessary privileges.
Answer: C

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