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HP HP0-794 Exam -

Free HP0-794 Sample Questions:

1. Which HP utility should be used to update the Smart Array controller or MSA 1000 storage system firmware in a cluster system?
A. ProLiant Support Paq
B. Options ROMPaq
C. System Configuration Utility
D. Array Configuration Utility
Answer: B

2. What is the recommended solution to eliminate a single point of failure in the private cluster interconnect?
A. Use fault-tolerant NIC teaming.
B. Create a separate backup path.
C. Use redundant Fibre Channel switches.
D. Create a load-balancing NIC team.
Answer: B

3. What will happen if you use the osql utility to stop a clustered SQL Server?
A. The clustered SQL Server instance will stop gracefully.
B. The Cluster service will assume a failure and then attempt to either restart the SQL Server automatically or fail it over to the other node.
C. The Cluster service will stop managing the SQL Server instance.
D. The Cluster service enables SQL Server to ignore osql utility commands; therefore the osql utility cannot stop a clustered SQL Server.
E. The command will trigger a remote stored procedure to all active SQL Server nodes causing disconnect of all users, followed by an immediate shutdown.
Answer: B

4. An e-commerce company experiences seasonal revenues, with the greatest sales volume occurring at the end of the year. Revenues were down last season however, making it difficult to forecast the coming fiscal year. How should the company determine whether upgrading its cluster is justifiable in terms of cost?
A. Average the profits and expenses historically and compare with the cost of the upgrade.
B. Determine areas where costs can be reduced to allow room in the budget for the upgrade.
C. Estimate the cost of lost business resulting from planned and unplanned downtime and add that figure to other operating expenses to calculate the profit margin.
D. Calculate the cost of downtime resulting from troubleshooting and maintaining the existing cluster and compare with the cost of the upgrade.
Answer: D

5. Which applications are mission-critical? Select THREE.
A. air traffic control
B. e-commerce sites
C. cash machine systems
D. company payroll systems
E. stock exchange trading floors
F. electronic transfers in banking
G. 911 emergency call center systems
Answer: AEG

6. ProLiant clusters can achieve availability levels 2 and 3 of the standard availability levels defined by the industry and adopted by HP. What is a characteristic of these availability levels?
A. Work stops.
B. Performance degradation can result.
C. Transactions must be rerun.
D. Shutdown is uncontrolled.
Answer: B

7. What is least likely to fail in a Windows Server 2003 network environment?
A. hardware
B. applications
C. operating system
D. operational issues
E. infrastructure (building, power, network)
Answer: A

8. Your company needs a cluster solution that is transparent to users during a failover and does not interrupt work or degrade system performance. Which availability level meets these requirements?
A. AL1
B. AL2
C. AL3
D. AL4
Answer: D

9. When cluster nodes share a physical storage system but cannot access the same logical drives simultaneously, which basic cluster model is being used?
A. shared-server
B. shared-disk
C. shared-nothing
D. shared-everything
Answer: C

10. What is the leading cause of downtime?
A. hardware failures
B. operational activities
C. software failures
D. infrastructure problems
Answer: D

11. Which website should be used to find a list of ProLiant servers that are certified for use in a cluster?
A. HP Clustering website
B. HP High Availability website
C. HP ProLiant Solutions website
D. HP Enterprise Servers website
Answer: B

12. Which ProLiant PCI-to-Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) supports the HSV110 array controller? Select TWO.
A. 32-bit/33MHz HBA using the Tachyon chipset
B. 64-bit/33MHz HBA using the Emulex chipset
C. 64-bit/66MHz FCA-2101 HBA using the QLogic chipset
D. 64-bit/66MHz HBA using the Tachyon chipset
E. 2114
Answer: BC

13. Which HP PCI-to-Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) uses the small form factor transceiver connection and supports the MSA1000?
A. 32-bit/33MHz HBA using the Tachyon chipset
B. 64-bit/33MHz HBA using the Emulex chipset
C. 64-bit/66MHz FCA-2101 HBA using the QLogic chipset
D. 64-bit/66MHz HBA using the Tachyon chipset
Answer: C

14. Identify standard features of the HP StorageWorks MSA1000 storage system. Select TWO.
A. 2Gb/s maximum transfer speeds
B. Maximum of 84 HP Universal 1-inch Ultra3 drives supported
C. Embedded 6-port 2Gb/s Fabric Switch
D. Advanced Data Guarding (ADG) support
E. Native Fibre Channel design
Answer: AD

15. In a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 cluster environment that uses the StorageWorks MSA1000 Fibre Channel Array, selective storage presentation is used to ________.
A. configure storage to allow access from a single, specific, predefined host cluster
B. enable clusters running different operating systems to share the same logical drives
C. control multiple logical drives on the MSA1000
D. allow both hosts to access the MSA1000 simultaneously
Answer: A

16. The ProLiant DL380 Packaged Cluster with MSA500 supports how many additional storage enclosures?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Answer: C

17. Identify a feature of the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array storage system.
A. Maximum of 84 HP Universal 1-inch Ultra3 drives supported
B. SANworks Management Appliance for management duties
C. HSG80 array controller support
D. Embedded 6-port 2Gb/s Fabric Switch
Answer: B

18. Which methods can you use to prevent management agents from sending an alert when one cluster node is restarted or powered off? Select TWO.
A. Use a crossover cable for the interconnect path.
B. Use a hub on the interconnect path.
C. Use a switch on the interconnect path.
D. Use a Fibre Channel connection for the interconnect path.
E. Use an Ethernet connection for the interconnect path.
Answer: BC

19. Which HP utility can be used to gather information regarding cluster disk capacity and utilization, processor utilization, and cluster manager health?
A. Cluster Verification Utility
B. System Configuration Utility
C. Cluster Monitor
D. Intelligent Cluster Administrator
Answer: C

20. Which HP software is loaded by pressing F8 when prompted during power-on-self-test (POST) and provides a method to configure HP RAID controllers?
A. ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)
B. SANworks Secure Path
C. Array Configuration Utility (ACU)-XE
D. Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA)
E. Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
Answer: D

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