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HP HP0-758 Exam -

Free HP0-758 Sample Questions:

1. Your client has decided to upgrade the security on his wireless network by implementing WPA instead of WEP which he currently uses. One of the advantages of WPA is a protocol known as the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP). This protocol improves security by _______.
A. creating new encryption keys for each packet of data transmitted on the wireless network
B. rotating encryption keys on a configurable time schedule
C. using an encryption algorithm that is more secure than RC4
D. providing encrypted communications between the access points at the edge of the network and an authentication server in the data center
Answer: A

2. A customer has asked you to design a wireless network for his office using HP 420 Access Points. In one area you decide to use a directional antenna to ensure that the wireless signal propagates down a long hallway. If you wish to limit the radiated power to 1 Watt, what is the highest gain directional antenna that you can use if the access point it is connected to is transmitting at full power?
A. 2 dBm
B. 6.5 dBm
C. 10 dBm
D. 14 dBm
Answer: C

3. You have a customer who has decided to implement an 802.11a wireless network. To maximize performance, you want to avoid radio frequency interference where ever possible. What is the maximum number of non-overlapping channels supported by ProCurve 160wl 802.11a cards?
A. 3
B. 5
C. 8
D. 10
Answer: C

4. You have a customer who is considering implementing an IEEE 802.11-based wireless network. The customer manufactures and tests RADAR systems. Which feature of the 802.11g standard would make it the best fit for this customer?
A. it operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band
B. it operates at a maximum data rate of 54 Mb/s
C. It is compatible with 802.11a clients
D. it operates in the 5 GHz frequency band
Answer: A

5. Which frequency offers fast data rates, but also has the most potential for interference from microwave ovens, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices?
A. 900 MHz
B. 2.4 GHz
C. 5 GHz
D. 7.2 GHz
Answer: B

6. The 802.11 standard maps to which OSI layers?
A. Physical, Data Link
B. Physical, Data Link, Network
C. Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport
D. Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session
Answer: A

7. If you configure a wireless access point as a "closed system", then it will no longer broadcast the __________.
A. secure session ID
B. service set identifier
C. WEP Key
D. multicast cipher
Answer: B

8. During a dinner meeting, you transfer some documents to a customer through your 802.11g wireless card without the aid of an access point. During this process you and he formed ______________.
A. an Independent Basic Service Set
B. an Extended Basic Service Set
C. a WEP Key pair
D. a Standard Basic Service Set
Answer: A

9. While testing for interference, you are getting simultaneous reception of multiple signals due to signal reflections. What is this called?
A. singlepath reception
B. multipath reception
C. canned path reception
D. dualpath reception
Answer: B

10. You have installed an 802.11a access point for your customer. At certain times of the day the customer notices significant connectivity issues. Upon further investigation, you determine that they are experiencing radio frequency interference issues. Which technologies could be causing this interference? Select TWO.
A. cordless phones
B. Bluetooth devices
C. microwave ovens
D. fluorescent lights
Answer: AE

11. For a wireless network to be considered an "open system", what information must be contained in the beacon frames sent by an access point? The ________.
A. Service Set Identifier
B. WPA Pre-Shared Key
C. Dynamic WEP Key
D. CCK Modulation Element
Answer: A

12. During a wireless network installation, you install ProCurve 150wl radio cards in slot B of your client's ProCurve 520wl. Which SSID should you expect to see on a client station when the access points are first powered up?
A. Enterprise Wireless B
B. Enterprise Wireless AP
C. My Wireless Network B
D. ProCurve Wireless
Answer: C

13. A ProCurve 420 has been installed in a network that has no DHCP server. On which IP address would you be able to communicate with the access point to provide initial configuration?
Answer: D

14. Your customer has told you that he is allocating the subnet for use in his wireless network. Which command will statically assign an IP address of with a default gateway of to an HP ProCurve 420 Access Point?
A. HP Procurve Access Point 420(if-wireless g)# ip address
B. HP Procurve Access Point 420# ip address
C. HP Procurve Access Point 420(if-ethernet)# ip address
D. HP Procurve Access Point 420(if-ethernet)# ip address
Answer: D

15. Your client has installed ProCurve 520wls to provide wireless network access for his employees. When the access points are first powered on in a default state, which username/password pair would allow you to access the configuration from the web interface?
A. [blank]/public
B. admin/[blank]
C. admin/password
D. [blank]/password
Answer: A

16. Your client has installed ProCurve 420s to provide wireless network access for his employees. When the access points are first powered on in a default state, which username/password pair would allow you to access the configuration interface?
A. admin/password
B. [blank]/public
C. admin/[blank]
D. [blank]/password
Answer: C

17. You have been called in by a customer who has lost the management password for her 520wl access point. After trying several possible combinations, you decide to reset the access point to factory default configuration. How do you do this?
A. Select RE-INITIALIZE in the web interface.
B. Press the RESET button for about 10 seconds.
C. Press the RELOAD button for about 10 seconds.
D. Reboot the Access Point.
E. Toggle the Access Point's on/off switch.
Answer: C

18. While working with a ProCurve 420, your customer notices a file called "dflt-img.bin" in the flash memory of her access point. What is the purpose of this image file on the access point?
A. It is the default system image and will always be used to boot the access point.
B. It is the default location for the most current configuration file
C. It is a default system image that can be used if the current system image is corrupted.
D. It has no purpose
Answer: C

19. When used in conjunction with WEP, the 802.1X protocol provides a dynamic _______ key for each individual client and a dynamic _________ key for packets destined for all clients.
A. broadcast, session
B. multicast, session
C. broadcast, multicast
D. session, broadcast
Answer: D

20. Which Extensible Authentication Protocols will a ProCurve 520wl support? Select TWO.
Answer: BD

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