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HP HP0-757 Exam -

Free HP0-757 Sample Questions:

1. A school needs to deploy a 5300 series switch in a lab where students and faculty have physical access to the switch. If the network administrator disables the front panel "clear password" and "factory reset" options, what must the administrator do to recover from a lost manager-level password?
A. Press the “Reset” button and issue the command no front-panel-security password-clear reset-on-clear from the serial port within 60 seconds.
B. Contact HP Customer Care to obtain a one-time use password.
C. From the CLI, issue the command no front-panel-security password-clear reset-on-clear and press the "clear" button on the front panel.
D. Telnet from a client on the management VLAN, issue the command front-panel-security password-recovery and type pwrecover at the password prompt.
Answer: B

2. A software company uses 802.1X to authenticate all users on the network and to allow contract employees access to the network only during normal business hours. What is the best approach for configuring this time restriction?
A. Configure a "Time Restriction" policy and assign the user accounts for each contract employee to the policy.
B. Configure an access policy on the RADIUS server that associates a time restriction with usernames of the contract employees.
C. Create a "contractors" group in Active Directory (LDAP) and assign time restrictions to the group.
D. Configure an access policy on the RADIUS server that associates a time restriction with a "contractors" group.
Answer: D

3. The network administrator of a university realizes that students in the on campus housing are connecting wireless acccess points and switches to the network. The administrator wants to limit a particular port to one MAC address at a time, but is not concerned about the actual address. Which security feature on the 5300xl provides flexibility while effectively limiting a port to a single MAC address at a time?
A. Port security learn mode limited-continuous
B. MAC lockdown learn mode limited-continuous
C. MAC lockout learn mode limited-continuous
D. 802.1X MAC authentication
Answer: A

4. You have a new customer who is very concerned about the security of his internal campus network. You suggest that the HP ProCurve Access Control Solution may provide the level of safety and security that he is looking for. Which options are part of the HP ProCurve Access Control Solution? Select THREE.
A. Web Authentication
B. Intrusion Detection Systems
C. Hardware Firewalls
D. Access Control Lists
E. 802.1X Authentication
F. Virtual Private Networks
G. Anti-Virus Software
Answer: ADE

5. A pharmaceutical company has recently moved into a new three-story office building. They are sharing a core routing switch between two departments: human resources, and research and development. Both departments have edge switches deployed and neither department wants the other to have management access to their respective HP ProCurve edge switches. Which security measures would be recommended to limit management access to the respective departments? Select TWO.
C. Authorized IP Managers
D. management VLANs
E. Microsoft Windows User Domain Security limits
Answer: CD

6. The HP ProCurve Access Control Security Solution is primarily designed to protect the edge of the internal network. Which problem could be solved by implementing the Access Control Security Solution?
A. a computer virus that infects PC operating systems
B. an Internet hacker who compromises a public web server from outside the firewall
C. an unauthorized user who gains access to the campus network through open ports
D. an Internet hacker who launches a Denial of Service attack against a gateway router
Answer: C

7. There is a customer environment where both employees and visitors will have access to network resources. When considering issues dealing with physical security, which questions should you consider? Select THREE.
A. Which ports are assigned to the management VLAN?
B. Who has access to the room?
C. Is there a 'visitor' policy?
D. Who knows the manager level passwords?
E. Is it in a secure area of the building?
F. Does the data center meet Military Level Security Requirements?
G. Has accessibility been limited to administrators only?
Answer: BCE

8. SNMP version 3 introduces security features that may be incompatible with managment applications that use previous versions of SNMP. Which command allows an SNMPv2 management application to access an HP ProCurve switch that must also support SNMPv3 in a secure network environment?
A. snmpv3 community ro
B. snmpv3 restricted-access
C. snmpv3 enable-v2-access
D. snmpv3 enable community ro
Answer: B

9. When a customer is implementing SSH on HP ProCurve switches, what are the correct locations for the keys? Select TWO.
A. Client private keys are stored on the client.
B. Switch private keys are stored on the client.
C. Client public keys are stored on the switch.
D. Client private keys are stored on the switch.
E. Client private and public keys are stored on the client and switch.
Answer: AC

10. Which authentication types does SSH support? Select TWO.
A. NDS switch user/password authentication
B. switch SSH and user password authentication
C. LDAP public key authentication
D. client RSA authentication
E. PKI digital certificate authentication
Answer: BD

11. A customer, who is already using SSH for secure communications, wants the client to authenticate itself using client RSA. Which additional preparatory steps are necessary to set up client RSA authentication? Select TWO.
A. Generate a public/private key pair on the switch.
B. Copy the client public key to the switch.
C. Copy the client private key to the switch.
D. Copy the public/private key pair to the client.
E. Generate a public/private key pair on the client computer.
Answer: BE

12. A customer has recently installed and configured 300 HP ProCurve switches supporting SSL security. What are the benefits of using SSL? Select TWO.
A. fully encrypted sessions for configuring the switch remotely via the serial console
B. authenticates the switch to client using a digital certificate
C. fully encrypted sessions for configuring the switch remotely via Telnet
D. uses switch-based Java applet for secure authentication
E. fully encrypted sessions for configuring the switch remotely via web browser
Answer: BE

13. A customer currently manages all of their HP ProCurve switches using the plain text web interface. They now want to use SSL for encrypted web-based management. Which steps must be completed before enabling SSL? Select TWO.
A. generate a self-signed server certificate for HTTPS
B. generate an HTTPS client certificate
C. generate an RSA key file for HTTPS certificates
D. disable plain text web management first
E. import a certificate request from a Certificate Authority
Answer: AC

14. What are the main steps for configuring SNMPv3 access management after enabling SNMPv3 on an HP ProCurve 5300xl switch?
A. Create communities; create groups; assign communities to groups
B. Create users; assign users to groups
C. Create users; create groups; assign users to groups
D. Create users; create communities; assign users to communities
Answer: B

15. When designing a management VLAN, which ProCurve solution should an administrator implement at the core and the Layer 2 edge devices?
A. Enable management VLANs to provide security at the core; apply an IP address only to the core switch; and use ACLs at the Layer 2 switches.
B. Use ACLs to provide security at the core; enable management VLANs at the Layer 2 switches; and apply an IP address only to the management VLAN.
C. Enable management VLANs to provide security at the core and at Layer 2 switches; ACLs are not required.
D. Configure a separate management network with dedicated ports to isolate all management traffic at the core and at the Layer 2 switches.
Answer: B

16. Which statements are true with respect to the management VLAN feature? Select THREE.
A. Management access to the switch is restricted to the console port because the management VLAN has no physical network ports.
B. A management VLAN prevents unauthorized access to switches largely by not being visible to the data network.
C. Management traffic is "virtually" isolated with absolute minimum port access.
D. The VLAN ID of the management VLAN must be the largest available in the switch; this is typically 1023.
E. You must execute the management-vlan menu option on all switches in the management VLAN.
F. The management VLAN is a separate virtual network not accessible by data network traffic. It is used to help secure management access.
G. A management VLAN cannot be used in a routed environment because it would allow someone from a user VLAN to access the management VLAN without a physical connection to the management VLAN.
Answer: BCF

17. An HP ProCurve 9308m Routing Switch has just been installed in your customer's data center. To prevent unauthorized users from making configuration changes, he wants to set passwords on the routing switch. Which type of password must he set on the routing switch to allow himself full access to all configuration commands?
A. super-user
B. manager
C. operator
D. administrator
Answer: A

18. A customer consults you about network infrastructure security. She wants to allow one of her staff read-only access to the switches. She has not configured a manager password, only an operator password. You advise her that this is not an appropriate solution, because _______.
A. passwords are case-sensitive, and entering the Operator password in all capitals enables full manager privileges
B. when you configure only an Operator password, entering the Operator password enables full manager privileges
C. a user with the Operator password can erase the startup configuration, reboot the switch, and gain access with full manager privileges
D. even with the Operator password, a user can enter the hidden no password command, reboot the switch, and gain access with full manager privileges
Answer: B

19. You receive a frantic call from a customer who cannot access the CLI interface on an HP ProCurve 5304xl switch because she has forgotten the password. For security purposes she has disabled the password-clear function of the front-panel buttons. How could you help her to regain management access to the switch?
A. Press the Reset button on the front panel of the switch for at least 20 seconds to return the switch to factory defaults.
B. Press the Clear button on the front panel of the switch for at least 10 seconds to return the switch to factory defaults.
C. Use the Reset and Clear buttons on the front panel of the switch together to return the switch to factory defaults.
D. You will need to call HP Support and obtain a one-time-use password. This is the only way to regain management access to the switch once the password-clear function has been disabled.
Answer: C

20. You have a customer who has just installed a 5304xl switch in an open area of his office. Although the switch is installed in a closed rack with a locking door, he is concerned that it might be possible for someone to access the front panel buttons on the switch. Which commands will allow him to prevent the switch from having its passwords and configuration information cleared? Select TWO.
A. no front-panel-security factory-reset
B. no front-panel-security password-clear reset-on-clear
C. no front-panel-security password-recovery
D. no front-panel-security password-clear
E. front-panel-security password-clear reset-on-clear
Answer: AD

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