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HP HP0-756 Exam -

Free HP0-756 Sample Questions:

1. When you are performing a backup on the 740wl, the system _______.
A. creates an image of the system and copies it to the default directory on a TFTP server
B. creates an image of the system and copies it to its hard disk
C. creates a text file that contains all of the configuration settings and copies it to a directory of your choice on the HTTP client computer
D. logs off all users before beginning the backup
Answer: B

2. Which LDAP extension contains group information returned by Microsoft Active Directory?
A. cn
B. SAMAccountName
C. memberOf
D. groupofuniquename
Answer: C

3. Requiring wireless clients to authenticate to the network reduces the risk that _______.
A. wireless signals will be intercepted
B. messages will be delivered to the wrong recipient
C. access points will be subjected to denial of service attacks
D. persons who are not entitled will gain access to the network
Answer: D

4. The 700wl system is more scalable than wireless security solutions that are based on access points and router ACLs. This is true because the 700wl system _________.
A. enables efficient use of bandwidth by assigning users to APs that are not fully subscribed
B. enables the implementation of network-wide policies from a single location
C. enables users to roam from AP to AP without re-authenticating
D. ensures that users are authenticated before gaining access to the secure network
Answer: B

5. What are the components of a 700wl Rights Assignment? Select THREE.
A. User Profile
B. Identity Profile
C. Connection Profile
D. Security Policy
E. Group Policy
F. Access Policy
Answer: BCF

6. Under what circumstances does the HP ProCurve Access Control Server 740wl forward user traffic to the secure network?
The 740wl ___________.
A. forwards user traffic during roaming
B. forwards user traffic if an Access Controller fails
C. never forwards user traffic
D. forwards user traffic until the user is authenticated
Answer: C

7. A 720wl's default downlink IP address is ________.
A. used as the default gateway for all clients
B. used by the 740wl to communicate with the 720wl
C. dictated by the 740wl for all 720wls in a 700wl system
D. the address to which NAT clients' source addresses translated
Answer: C

8. At approximately 7:30 p.m., a user complains that she cannot access her mail server from a conference room. She claims she was able to access the mail server earlier in the day from her desk. What system tool is most useful for troubleshooting this user's network access problem?
A. Client Status page
B. User Rights Simulator
C. LDAP Transaction Tracer
D. RADIUS Transaction Tracer
Answer: B

9. At a customer site, all guest users who log on through the 700wl system can access the customer's intranet servers. To improve security, you configure a Redirected Traffic Filter so that guests, who attempt to access intranet resources, will be redirected to a Web page displaying guest access rules. When testing the filter, you see that guest users actually receive a "Page not available" error when attempting to access these resources. To troubleshoot this problem, you should make sure you _______.
A. disabled all default Redirected Traffic Filters to ensure they do not conflict with your custom filter
B. configured an Authentication Policy and logon procedure for all guest users
C. associated the new Redirected Traffic Filter with the Access Policy that affects guests
D. configured an Allowed Traffic Filter to specify the destination of the redirected traffic
Answer: D

10. You are troubleshooting an HP ProCurve Integrated Access Manager 760wl that is not reachable through the web or Telnet. Which information about the device's configuration can be gathered from the LCD panel on the device's front panel? Select TWO.
A. system time
B. system uptime
C. IP addressing information
D. number of transmitted packets
E. installed software version
Answer: CE

11. At a customer site, you are configuring an HP ProCurve Access Control Server 740wl. Which tasks can be performed at the CLI? Select TWO.
A. configure IP address
B. configure a connected 720wl
C. set administrative password
D. add users to built-in database
E. configure LDAP authentication
Answer: AC

12. You are configuring a 740wl at a customer site. To set the shared secret without echoing it to the console, you must enter set sharedsecret with _____________
A. the noecho parameter
B. the shared secret as a parameter
C. no parameters
D. the administrative password
Answer: C

13. You must configure a 720wl that has not received an IP address through DHCP. How can you configure an IP address for this system?
A. Use the Administrative Console to locate the 740wl by its MAC address and select it from the list of available devices.
B. Start a web browser session using the default IP address
C. Start a web browser session using the factory-assigned IP address of the uplink port.
D. Start a Telnet session with the default IP address
E. Start a direct serial console session and configure the device's IP address at the CLI.
Answer: E

14. Which statement is true about the date and time configuration of the 700wl devices?
A. Time settings must be dynamically acquired or statically defined each time the 740wl is rebooted.
B. The 740wl can be configured to obtain time services from an NTP server.
C. The 740wl and each 720wl cannot be configured to obtain time services from different servers.
D. The 720wl acquires its time settings from the 740wl.
Answer: B

15. When organizing 720wl Access Controllers into folders in the Administrative Console, you cannot _______.
A. place more than five devices in a folder
B. create folders within folders
C. create custom folders
D. configure more than five folders
Answer: B

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