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HP HP0-753 Exam -

Free HP0-753 Sample Questions:

1.What kind of configuration items would you register as type CIs?
A: Configuration items that have been registered by means of a template.
B: Configuration items of which at least two are part of your IT infrastructure.
C: Configuration items which share at least the same category and main category.
D: Configuration items to be managed as a group of identical items.
Answer: D

2.According to ITIL/Best Practices, once a service call has been identified as a problem and a solution has been identified, who has the responsibility to close the service call?
A: The helpdesk
B: The problem manager
C: The latest specialist to work on the problem
Answer: A

3.Which set of codes is most typical for the status range of Changes in Service Desk?
A: Registered, R&I progress, approved, implemented, evaluated
B: Evaluated, submitted, approved, carried-out, closed
C: Registered, RFC, implemented, evaluated, approved.
D: RFC, approved, assigned, tested, evaluated.
Answer: A

4.The __________action is NOT available for UI Rules.
A: Command Exec
B: Sd_event
C: Limit field value range
D: Update Data
Answer: B

5.The Service Desk Agent is used to _____________.
A: communicate with the SD GUI and the application server
B: execute commands issued by the Rule Manager
C: do inventory of the CI it is installed on and to send this info to the application server
D: take care of outbound e-mails
Answer: B

6.With Service Pages, which three of the following options can be selected when using an SP account? Choose 3 that apply.
A:register a service call
B:review previously logged records
C:search for incidents
D:register FAQs
E:look into FAQs
F:register an incident
Answer: A, B, E

7.Which two of the following items is TRUE regarding Workgroups? Choose 2 that apply.
A:Workgroups are used to assign items to.
B:Workgroups are used to create departments in organizations.
C:A member of a parent workgroup is also a member of the related child workgroup.
D:A person can be a member of multiple workgroups.
Answer: A, D

8.According to ITIL/Best Practices, a service call should be closed when _____________.
A: related incidents are closed.
B: the caller agrees that the call can be closed.
C: the caller's problem is solved.
D: the manager of the Helpdesk group approves the closure of the call.
Answer: B

9.Which two actions are available for Database Rules? Choose 2 that apply.
A:Command Exec action
B:Sd_event action
C:Limit field value range action
D:Update Data action
Answer: A, D

10.Which set of codes is the most typical for the status range of Service calls in Service Desk?
A: registered, in-progress, waiting, completed, informed, closed
B: approved, in-progress, waiting, completed, informed, closed
C: registered, in-progress, waiting, completed, informed, solved
D: registered, in-progress, waiting, completed, assigned, closed
Answer: A

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