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HP HP0-733 Exam -

Free HP0-733 Sample Questions:

1. Cross-bar switch technology is part of the ____________.
A: backplane
B: CPU module
C: Alpha processor
D: memory and Alpha processor
Answer: A

2. A customer purchased an AlphaServer GS160. At the time of purchase they were not concerned about redundancy. After numerous outages this issue must be addressed. How many power supplies will the customer need to have N+1 in the fully configured AlphaServer GS160?
A: 2
B: 3
C: 6
D: 9
Answer: C

3.Which console command is used to enter SRM from CLI?
D: ^D
Answer: B

4.Which component in the EV7 chip is regarded as the network interface?
A: ewa0
B: eia0
C: ega0
D: rbox
Answer: D

5.Which component can be moved within a software partition with the Galaxy Configuration Utility?
A: memory
B: shared memory
C: primary CPU
D: non-primary CPU
Answer: D

6.The customer has a four-QBB AlphaServer GS160 and wants to configure the hardware partitions. From the following commands, what are the results?
SCM_E0> set hp_count 2
SCM_E0> set hp_qbb_mask0 3
SCM_E0> set hp_qbb_mask1 c
A: two hardware partitions; one partition of QBB 0 and 3, and one partition of QBB 1 and 2
B: four hardware partitions; each QBB is partitioned separately.
C: two hardware partitions; one partition of QBB 0 and 3, and one partition of QBB 1 and C
D: two hardware partitions; one partition of QBB 0 and 1, an one partition of QBB 2 and 3
Answer: D

7.What is NOT a valid SRM function?
A: power sequencing the system
B: initializing and testing the hardware
C: controlling and monitoring the state of the CPUs
D: booting the operating S=system
Answer: A

8.At the P00>>> prompt, when the system administrator enters show config, the system will display ________.
A: latest configurations seen at system initialization.
B: storage devices attached to the system.
C: hardware partitions.
D: hardware and software partitions.
Answer: A

9.On theSCM console, what does the show system command display?
A: overall system summary
B: SCM status and other information
C: list of all nodes
D: most recent settings of the environment variable and parameters
Answer: A

10.What term describes resources partitioned by software in order for multiple instances of an operating system to execute cooperatively within a single system?
A: application partitions
B: hardware partitions
C: instance
D: adaptive partitioned multiprocessing
Answer: D

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