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HP HP0-714 Exam -

Free HP0-714 Sample Questions:

1. For which two environments is HP OpenView Storage Allocator optimally suited? (Choose two.)
A. when Access Control is required for JBOD or tape
B. when there is a single, direct attached, large storage array
C. when there are a large number of heterogeneous storage arrays
D. when there are a large number of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices
Answer: AC

2. Which command on an HP OpenView Storage Area Manager UNIX Host Agent is used to stop the Host Agent process?
A. /stop_HA
B. /HA_trigger stop
C. /dial_trigger dtop
D. /HostAgent_Stop
Answer: B

3. If Host Agent deployment fails, which log is useful in determining the cause?
A. sanhost.log
B. deployha.log
C. HA_deploy.log
D. <hostname>.log
Answer: D

4. Running support.cmd creates which file?
A. path.xml
B. support.txt
D. support_data
Answer: C

5. SAMTools is ____.
A. available as a separate CD
B. downloadable from the support server
C. distributed as a part of the product CD
D. loaded on installation of HP OpenView Storage Area Manager
Answer: C

6. If a log file deigns with ____. Then it logo information for HP Storage Area Manager Jcore services.
Answer: C

7. What information can be gathered using the Support.cmd command? (Choose four.)
A. managementsercer\lib directory
B. managementsercer\logs directory
C. managementsercer\data directory
D. managementsercer\solid (log files)
E. managementsercer\config directory
F. managementsercer\support directory
Answer: CDEF

8. A storage Area manager implementer is about to check for any new or updated Device Plug_ins (DPls) on the OpenView website.
Which two section of the SAN Verification worksheet would the implementer use to determine which DPLs should be downloaded for this installation? (Choose two.)
A. Network
B. OV SAM Hosts
C. Fabric Devices
D. Other Software
E. Attached Storage
F. Hosts and Servers
Answer: CE

9. Which implementation phase involves setting the storage domain name, setting the device discovery range, and setting the currency type?
A. preparing for installation
B. verifying the SAN Environment
C. installing HP OprnView Storahe Area manager
D. setting up and configuring HP Open View Storage Area manager
Answer: C

10. The HP OpenView Storage Area Manager Verification Worksheet asks for HBA Driver information in order to verify ____.(Choose two.)
A. support for SNIA libraries
B. support for Device Plug-ins (Dpls)
C. compatibility with interconnect devices
D. compatibility with Storage Allocater's filter driver
Answer: AD

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