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HP HP0-698 Exam -

Free HP0-698 Sample Questions:

Q: 1.
What does Volume Shadow Copy provide?

A. backup to disks
B. LUN duplication
C. point in time copies
D. data replication to a remote site

Answer: C

Q: 2.
What does network interface controller (NIC) teaming provide? Select TWO.

A. fault tolerance
B. better data protection
C. IP support on Fibre Channel
D. higher throughout
E. IP support on SCSI

Answer: A, D

Q: 3.
An online spare CANNOT be assigned to which RAID level?

A. 0
B. 1
D. 5

Answer: A

Q: 4.
Which protocol is used for network file and print level access in a Microsoft environment?

A. Network File System
B. Server Message Block
C. Sequenced Packet Exchange
D. Network Transfer File System

Answer: B

Q: 5.
In which security environments can HP ProLiant Storage Servers be deployed? Select THREE.

A. Active Directory Domain
B. Unix Directory Service
C. Windows NT Domain
D. RADIUS Domain
E. Workgroup
F. Network Information Services Plus

Answer: A, C, E

Q: 6.
HP ProLiant Storage Server “multiprotocol support” means the support of ______.

A. IP on 10Mb, 100Mb and 1 Gb Ethernet
B. NFS, FTP, SMB, etc. for client access
C. SCSI, FC, FTP etc. for storage access
D. WebUI, iLO and command line interfaces

Answer: B

Q: 7.
The domain controller configuration functions are missing on an HP ProLiant Storage Server and the customer complains about the incomplete operating system installation. How can the problem be solved?

A. HP ProLiant Storage Servers provide simultaneous support for multiple domains, but cannot be domain members. An additional server is required.
B. Domain controller functionality is excluded from HP ProLiant Storage Server software by default. Installation of the DC feature pack is required.
C. Domain controller functionality is disabled on single HP ProLiant Storage Servers. A cluster configuration is required.
D. The Windows Storage Server operating system does not support domain controller functionality. An additional server is required.

Answer: D

Q: 8.
You logged in to Remote Desktop twice, finished, and closed the browser window using the “close window button” (x). You cannot access Remote Desktop. Why?

A. Administrator account is already in use. Try later.
B. Login process is terminated. Process must be restarted.
C. Connection is blocked. Target system must be disconnected.
D. Sessions were improperly exited. Processes must be terminated.

Answer: D

Q: 9.
If an NC7771 NIC is teamed with the embedded NC7761 NIC in an HP ProLiant ML370 G4 Storage Server, jumbo frames do NOT function. Why?

A. The function is not implemented on the NC7771 NIC.
B. The function is disabled on the NC7771 NIC by default.
C. NIC teaming always disables the function on the associated NICs.
D. Teaming with the NC7761 NIC disables the function on the NC7771 NIC.

Answer: D

Q: 10.
A customer complains that a new ProLiant ML350 storage server was deployed without a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Which answer is correct?

A. Storage servers are exclusively designed for remote management and are not equipped with monitor, keyboard, and mouse connectors.
B. A monitor, keyboard, and a mouse are essential for storage server management and are components of the standard equipment.
C. Storage servers are designed for local or remote management, but can be deployed without a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
D. A monitor, keyboard, and a mouse are essential for storage server management, but must be ordered separately.

Answer: C

Q: 11.
What must be done after replacing a CMOS battery on an ML370?

A. Wait 4 hours to charge the battery.
B. Reconfigure the system ROM.
C. Flush the cache to disk.
D. Delete the cache before connecting storage.

Answer: B

Q: 12.
Which slot type should be used for an SA6400 array controller?

A. 3.3 V PCI or PCI-X slot
B. 3.3 V PCI express slot
C. second slot of the first PCI bus
D. first slot of the tertiary bus

Answer: A

Q: 13.
What should you do before replacing any disk drive in an array?

A. Remove the associated spare disk.
B. Format the disk before you remove it.
C. Document array and partition information.
D. Disable access to the associated logical drives.

Answer: C

Q: 14.
Which standard HP ProLiant Storage Server models do NOT have the data volumes preconfigured at the factory or by the Quick Restore DVD?

A. all 1x0 models
B. all 3x0 and 5xx models
C. all DL models
D. all ML models

Answer: B

Q: 15.
The operating system of an HP ProLiant Storage Server is corrupted and cannot be booted. What is the recommended method to start the system recovery?

A. Boot the server from the latest full backup tape.
B. Reinstall the operating system from the MS WSS DVD set.
C. Recover the factory default image using the Quick Restore DVD.
D. Replace the system board and then try to reboot the server.

Answer: C

Q: 16.
How can you generate an Array Diagnostics Utility report without an operating system running?

A. Boot from the Smart Start CD.
B. Press the F2 key during power on.
C. Boot from the Quick Restore DVD.
D. Force a crashdump.

Answer: A

Q: 17.
If you disable shadow copies on a NAS volume, existing shadow copies _____.

A. are deleted, but can be restored
B. remain usable on the volume
C. are deleted and cannot be restored
D. remain on the volume, but are disabled

Answer: C

Q: 18.
You check disk space utilization of a volume with disk quota enabled and discover that a user has exceeded the limit. What must you do to prevent users from exceeding the quota in the future?

A. Delete some files in the user directory.
B. Compress the files in the user directory.
C. Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit.
D. Delete and recreate the user account and directory.

Answer: C

Q: 19.
What must be installed before upgrading an ML110 Storage Server with a RILOE II board?

A. Advanced System Management Driver
B. Array Configuration Utility
C. Array Diagnostic Utility
D. HP Proactive Services Driver

Answer: A

Q: 20.
Pressing the Power On/Standby button on a running DL380 Storage Server ______.

A. completely removes system power
B. does not completely remove system power
C. invokes the operating system standby mode
D. has no effect if the operating system is running

Answer: B

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